Slovak Railway Companies in Ankara

Slovak Railway Companies in Ankara: The meeting, which started with a presentation on the promotion of the railways of the two countries, was chaired by TCDD Deputy General Manager Adem KAYIŞ.

The meeting held between Slovakia and Turkey exchanged views on potential cooperation opportunities that can be developed in the railway field; Charge d'affaires of the Embassy of Slovakia Branislav HRADSKY, Slovakia-Turkey Trade and Industry Chamber President Peter SABO, ZSSK Cargo CEO and Chairman Vladimír ĽUPTÁK joined with accompanying Slovak Railway Companies.

Within the scope of the meeting; In the presentation made by ZSSK Cargo, it was reported that the company was providing railway car rental, maintenance and repair services as the second main product, in addition to the additional services offered directly in connection with freight and combined transport. With the numerical data obtained on annual basis, the developments since the restructuring process that started about 12 years ago were discussed and detailed ideas were exchanged. The guest railway company said they would be pleased to share their experiences in the restructuring process of TCDD.

Electrotechnical Research and Project (Evpu) company, in their presentation, static converters for auxiliary motors, Rail vehicles (electric and diesel electric locomotives, passenger coaches) and public transport electronics, electrodynamic brake, control systems, such as the current power supply with devices, special he said, they are a company that supplies electronic and modern electronics.

LOKO TRANS Slovakia, which operates in the production, repair and rebuilding of railway equipment, repair and rebuilding of locomotives, transportation of selected goods and goods, lifting and rebuilding of lifting equipment, made a presentation.

Finally, BUDAMAR Lojistik, which carries out the international transportation and logistics operations, said that they provide services for railway transportation, road transport, river and sea transportation, multimodal transportation, intermodal transportation, customs services, warehouse and succession consultancy.

Following a general presentation introducing TCDD, the parties concluded that they intend to cooperate more in the future.

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