Skoda's Konya Tram is Introduced at Innotrans

📩 30/11/2018 17:53

Skoda's Konya Tram was Introduced at Innotrans: Skoda Innotrans introduced the first of the 2014 low-rise trolley, which was launched by 12 in Konya, Turkey.

Konya's 100 low-rise trolley, 5 compartment, two-way trolley of Konya was exhibited in the open area of ​​Forcity Classic 28T Innotrans. Tram, Skoda was one of the two vehicles brought to this fair.

Konya Tram uses the standard rail spacing (1435mm) and 70 can go up to the speed. All of the other outstanding features of the tram are the low-floor design and the energy gain in braking. The tram is using 32,52V DC power system.

Forcity 28T has a battery-powered version that uses a nano-lithium-titanium battery. The tram, these batteries, without the need for electricity lines can go 3 km.

The exterior design of the tram is inspired by Islamic architectural motifs.

In 2012, Skoda won Konya's 72 tram tender. 12 will be cordless, and will be delivered to the municipality next year. The remaining 60 units for Forcity Classic 28T have been delivered. This 12 tram is planned to progress through the 1,8 km section of the city's historic sections.

Konya, with this car, Turkey will be one of the two cities using cordless tram. Hyundai Rotem recently signed a contract for Izmir 38 vehicles. Hybrid vehicles of the Hyundai Rotem can drive with no battery in the catenin parts of the line.

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