Europe's Lightest Freight Wagon Produced in Sivas

European Sivas Best Light Duty Wagon was produced: who wagon production for rail transportation Turkey Railways Industries Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ), in collaboration with a private company, 75 year produced a special European lightest multi-purpose cargo transport wagon. The wagon, which is described as the new generation freight wagon and manufactured in accordance with the International TSI standards, is planned to be put into mass production in December.

TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan, in his speech in the promotion of the new generation wagon, said that the wagon's drawings were started 8 months ago and that the strength analysis was done in computer environment and its prototype was produced. The Adapazari Wagon, Eskişehir and static and dynamic tests in the Czech Republic that they plan to start production in December the 2nd week of serial transfer Koçarsl said, "Turkey will be the first wagon TSI International standards. The tare, which is called the world's new generation freight wagon, is a lightened wagon. The world's most advanced compact brake system will be used. In 2015, we will put 3 different types of wagons into mass production. ” spoke in the form.

Halis Turgut, the representative of the manufacturer, stated that the first carriage in Europe was able to carry all kinds of loads and that it pays for 4 times because of its light weight.

Governor Alim Barut stated that the railways will become more widespread in terms of passenger and freight transportation and added, gibi As in the first years of the Republic, it gained its importance again. Therefore, we need to be prepared with such wagon manufacturing in terms of preparing for the future. One of these preparations is the manufacture of freight wagons, which I know will have an important place in freight transport. Railways have a very important place in Sivas in this regard. Kul

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