Chile Ski Lift Nightmare

The cable car nightmare on the Şile: One of the wires carrying the cable car set up for the restoration of Şile Castle in Şile Port broke. Meanwhile, 2 workers were stranded on the cable car 50 meters above the sea .. Helicopter came to the rescue of the stranded workers. The workers were rescued by helicopter after hours of struggle!

Workers working in the restoration of Zeytin Island in Şile were stranded for more than 4 hours due to the rope break on the cable car between the two islands. Workers were rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter. The incident occurred at around 13.30. One of the steel ropes of the cable car, where workers Sunay Kızılkaya and Selami Görkem got on from the port, broke in the air. 2 workers were stranded on the sea at an altitude of about 30 meters.

The workers first asked for help from their friends and then from the Istanbul Fire Department Şile Group. The fire crew, who reached the scene in a short time, started to work by setting up rescue towers with steel ropes. The bridge was also built with the ropes thrown at the workers.

During the studies that lasted about 2 hours, there was a difficult time due to severe winds. However, the fire crew could not reach the 2 worker stranded due to the wind. Finally, the Coast Guard Command helicopter entered the circuit. After a long-running reconnaissance flight, a rope hanging from the helicopter, the 16.40 2 workers at the time of the helicopter was saved by saving the worker.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:40

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