Asphalt on the streets of Sason

Asphalt in the streets of Sason: Sason district roads of Batman met asphalt. Mayor Cuma Uçar stated that the streets and streets of the city were paved before the rainy season. Uz We plan to complete the paving work before the rains begin, ”he said.
11 Thousand 800 streets and streets of the populated Sason district met with asphalt in autumn. Sason Mayor Cuma Uçar stated that they are in dialogue with the producer company for the completion of the asphalting works on time before the rainy weather. Cadde In our district, the works for the asphalting of the streets and streets other than the locked stones continue in full swing. High quality asphalt paving is done on our streets and streets. There will be no infrastructure problem in Sason next winter.



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