The road reserved for trolleybus in Sanliurfa took a life (Video)

The road reserved for the trolleybus in Şanlıurfa has taken a life: no work is done for the trolleybus road, which was built in Şanlıurfa in the time of the old municipal administration. The 2 lane left for the trolleybus on Necmettin Ore boulevard is giving the drivers a hard time. An accident that resulted in death in the past day again raised the question of why the road was left empty and the question of why no work was carried out.

Since the day since the problems on the way to Karaköprü problem before the night lighting, traffic lights problem and the middle trolleybus drive the drivers had a hard time SANLIURFA.COM had brought to the agenda many times. Leaving the middle road empty gives drivers a hard time trying to get off the main road. Drivers who want to cross in the last seconds of green light cannot find time to cross the road. For those coming from the main road, the light is on an invitation to the accident. Also, some drivers are using the trolley bus to move faster. Drivers using the trolleybus road are experiencing a difficult time for vehicles coming from the normal road.

Many accidents occurred on the road to Karaköprü since it was built. Some of these accidents resulted in death, most of them injured and damaged material. Finally last night, a car hit the back of the police officer Serdar Gören was taken to hospital as seriously injured. Police officer who was seriously injured died in hospital.



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