In Samsun, public transportation fees will be paid by phone

Public transportation fees in Samsun can be paid by phone: In Samsun, the prices of vehicles such as the light rail system, ring buses, cable cars used in urban transportation can be paid without contact with smart phones. SAMULAŞ took the first step in transitioning to the smart system in urban public transport….

Samsun city light transportation, ring buses, cable cars used in the transportation fees, such as gadgets, smart phones can be paid without contact. SAMULAŞ took the first step of the transition to the smart system in the city public transportation. In cooperation with Turkcell, the company turned to investing in hardware and software to enable smartphone users to pay for transportation via NFC technology.

The cooperation protocol that includes the project was carried out by SAMULAŞ A.Ş. Was signed with the participation of the parties in the General Directorate. With the realization of the project, Samsuns will be able to benefit from light rail, ring buses, cable car and monopoly parking services by making contactless payments from their smart phones.


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