Samsun rail system surprises the forgotten items in the tram

Forgotten items on the Samsun rail system tram are surprising: Among the things that passengers forget in the rail system vehicles in Samsun are items such as pots, plates, cell phones, suits, credit cards and ID cards.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Rail Transport System (SAMULAŞ), which operates between the station and the university and has been operating for 4 years, provides citizens' hats, purses, textbooks, glasses, mobile phones, health cards, umbrellas, bicycles, suits, pots, pans, It has been reported that he forgot his belongings such as toys, gold rings and credit cards.

SAMULAS Support Services Manager Ibrahim Sahin, AA correspondent, trams citizens and identity cards, said the most forgotten.

4 2 xNUMX piece of goods found in the stolen garbage service announcing that the goods were brought to the Sahin, these items if they have a name, address or telephone number to reach their owners said they reached.

Explaining that they keep the items in the warehouse created at their headquarters, Şahin said, “Only 350 of the found items were bought. Others are still waiting in the warehouse. ”

Sahin, indicating that they did not immediately give the belongings of the losers, to make sure that the article belongs to the person who asked the various questions stressed. Forgotten the tram, especially the new generation of mobile phones and laptop computers to get the owner's application immediately pointed out that Şahin, said:
“Citizens who forget especially the new generation of mobile phones, laptops and computers come to claim their loss within a few days, but there is not much when old mobile phones or old items are forgotten. We keep the items in our warehouse for no less than 1 year. If the owners are still not present, we sell valuable items by auction, and we donate the worthless ones to charities. ”

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 19:59

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