Asphalt Study at Şahinbey Industrial Site

Sahinbey Industrial Site Asphalt Work: Sahinbey Municipality by the auto repair shop for the tradesman and the right holders determined Sahinbey Industrial Site continues to work in asphalt.
President Tahmazoglu, Sahinbey Industrial Site after the asphalt work will be ready for the transport of tradesmen, he said. Works by the municipal teams until the 8 thousand square meters of the area so far paved in the Industrial Site as soon as the 19 thousand tons of asphalt pouring work is expected to be completed until about 20 days. 500 thousand tons of asphalt will be used in the studies on average as thousand thousand asphalt per day.
Providing information about the asphalt works, Mayor Tahmazoğlu said, “The construction of our Şahinbey Industrial Site, which has 16 workplaces for our mechanic tradesmen, has been completed. However, within the scope of infrastructure works, electricity, water and sewerage works were carried out by our Şahinbey Municipality. We have made the streets very wide so that our tradesmen can do business in a comfortable and modern area in our industrial site. It became a complex with its social facilities, mosque and educational areas. We did the reclamation on the roads and started the asphalting part a few months ago. Now we have come to the end of asphalting. Hopefully, we will complete the asphalt work in a short time and move our tradesmen here as soon as possible. Thus, a new industrial site will be formed in Gaziantep. Plenty of tradesmen who will work here kazanI wish him well and I would like to thank those who contributed to its production”.
Expressing their satisfaction with the work done, the tradesmen said, “Our current workplaces in the city were very bad. Our workplaces had a cramped, neglected and unsafe environment. We didn't even have a sink. Now we have a business from here. Our roads and shops are wide, modern shape kazanwas. We thank our Mayor of Şahinbey, Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, for giving us this opportunity.”

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