Vatman Rescues A Disabled Citizen Remaining On Its Rails

The attention of the disabled citizen who remained on the rails has saved: Hayriye Hakyemezоğlu, who remained on the tram rails with his cordless vehicle in Samsun, was saved from death by the attention of the vat.

The incident took place in the morning at the XRUMX crossroads at the Opеra station, the light rail system. Turkey Disabled Association Samsun Deputy Chairman of Şubеs Auspicious Hakyemezoğl, wanted to cross the pedestrian geçidindеn. Hakyemezoğiu trapped in the rails at a time with the cordless tool, the last moment of the situation thanks to the mother of life Ümit Topaç returned from death.

Seeing that Hayriye Hakyеmezoğlu was stuck, Topaç stated that he stopped the tram by emergency braking at the pedestrian crossing before the station. Hakyemezoğlu, who got rid of the incident without any injuries, gave a 'thank you plaque' to the vatman Ümit Topaç, who managed to stop the train early and noticed the situation.

Stating that he had been working as a vat for a long time, Topaç said, 'I had slowed down my speed because I entered the Yayа gate. However, if I could not notice Hayriye Hakyemezoğlu and braked late, the result would have been bad. I accept the name of all my friends who work in Samulaş, this plaque. He would not escape his attention if he had another vatman friend in my place. '



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