Cold asphalt

Cold asphalt in cold weather: While the weather is slowly cooling itself in the winter, it is felt slowly in the days of the work of the Talas Municipality road construction teams, the upper neighborhood of Endürlük'de cold asphalt known as the 8 thousand square meters of surface coating work carried out.
Providing information about the studies, Talas Mayor Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu said that 3 thousand square meters of surface coating with a total length of 1,5 kilometers was made on 8 separate roads in Endürlük. Mayor Palancıoğlu stated that the deficiencies needed in the upper neighborhoods were identified and continued to be made according to planning, “The road is civilization, the road is development. For this reason, we attach special importance to the road construction of our upper neighborhoods. For this, we are making surface asphalt coating suitable for the region ”.
Mayor Palancıoğlu pointed out that Endürlük is a rapidly developing settlement area behind Ali Mountain and said: “We are working with projects to be built on Ali Mountain to develop this region. With our 360 project surrounding Ali Mountain, this region will also develop in terms of tourism. For this reason, we started cold asphalt construction in our neighborhood on Endürlük Street, Selvi Street and Alipaşa Street. We continue to cover the surface in our upper neighborhoods. I wish our roads to be beneficial to our neighborhood. "

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