Altıneylül municipality handles for problems in the railroad

For the problems in the railroad, Altıneylül Municipality rolled up their sleeves: Zedai Kafaoğlu, the Mayor of Altıeylül, arrived at the rescue of the families who said that the children who were sent to the school in Balıkesir were injured while passing the train.

Zekai Kafaoğlu started to work in Gümüşçeşme neighborhood for the solution of the problems of the families who visited the Mayor of Altıeylül. Today, the municipal teams, TCDD Izmir Regional Manager Selim Kocbay and TCDD Afyon Deputy Director Mehmet Altinsoy together with the trains of the trains Altıneylül Mayor Zeyai Kafaoğlu, said they were in the neighborhood for the solution of the problem. Kafaoğlu stated that they are still in talks with the authorities and said: “Today, our İzmir Regional Manager and Afyon Regional Assistant Director are at our side. Let's do a review with friends, let's see. Muhtarımız and what our citizens want. Let's see the demands of seeing the demands of the right place, the plans of the beginning of the tongs while the wishes of the citizens to see live. Tam He said.

Zeyai Kafaoğlu, the Mayor of Altıeylül, stated that the State Railways will increase the safety of his work by the moment he is doing, güvenli This work is already done for our safety. A lot of people died around here. The purpose is to protect the roads passing through the city and ensure the safety of life. Citizens also need to move from one side to the other. We will do this work in accordance with the regulations and laws Yönetmelik.


TCDD Afyon Region Deputy Director Mehmet Altınsoy stated that there is an intensive structuring for the city and that their aim is to ensure the safety of life. Altınsoy said, ine We will make electric train operation with the work we do here. It works quieter than trains. Our children are wearing headphones, listening to music. We'il provide their security here by building a barrier. Our train will be electrified and the train will automatically brake itself on a problem in the rails. Tren

According to the regulation, it is possible to make a transition point in a thousand meters on the routes where the railway passes through the residential neighborhoods. Outside the city, this is the 5 mileage. Now we will determine the pedestrian overpass or the underpass here, and we will share this with the Metropolitan and make it soon. Iti

The Mayor of Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlı and his retinue then reviewed the demands of the citizens by conducting investigations in various parts of the neighborhood.

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