Palandöken Ski Center and Facilities Transfer to Metropolitan

Palandöken Ski Center and Facilities Transferred to Metropolitan: The future of the Palandöken Ski Center became apparent after the 2011 Interuniversity Winter Games and was transferred to the Privatization Administration last year.

Currently, the winter sports facilities in Palandöken, Kandilli and Konaklı, which are within the scope of privatization, will be the Metropolitan Municipality. Since May 30, Mayor 2014 has been selected as Mayor of Mayor, taking serious steps to change the face of Erzurum, President Sekmen made his last move on ski resorts.

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According to the information obtained, Mayor Sekmen, who had a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on this issue, said, "As the Metropolitan Municipality, we aspire to ski centers". Stating that the meeting was extremely positive, the sources stated that President Erdoğan told Sekmen, "Are you ready to operate these facilities as a municipality?" He transferred what he asked.


Just like in Kayseri Erciyes example, the metropolitan municipality in Erzurum will be authorized to operate the ski resorts. Prime Minister Davutoglu and President Erdogan, this proposal is extremely hot sources of the proposal, the coming days will accelerate the process much more and all facilities and centers of the Privatization Administration will transfer to Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, he said.


Due to the international games held at 2011, the government built 600 million pounds in the area of ​​skiing and winter sports in Erzurum and made Palandöken a winter sports and tourism center on a world scale. The government, which has been making efforts to re-activate these facilities, which have been idle in time, has been carrying out improvements in facilities through the Privatization Administration.


Saying that Erzurum has a very serious value in terms of its potential, Mayor Sekmen said, “We have very serious projects not only with skiing or winter tourism, but also in many areas. Hopefully, Erzurum will be a city that has made a big leap forward in three to five years. We will take steps that everyone will look envy in industry, tourism, education and health. Some of them have already started. Erzurum will definitely reach the place they deserve and our people will be happy to live here. If Allah permits, everyone will see that these are not dreams. “The future of Erzurum is very bright”.

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