Motorway Route to be Extended as Habura

Motorway Route to be Extended Habura: The provinces in the region during the period of previous governments are waiting for service, while the AK Party in the province needed investments in the provinces that record Elvan, transport investments from agriculture to industry, all affected the service sectors, he said. 2002 15 thousand kilometers of divided road target when placed in this one does not believe it, but the point reached at the point 17 thousand 500 kilometers divided the way they do, said Elvan.
“In addition to the divided road investments on the highway, we will have highway investments. Our highway projects which are important for Turkey Ankara-Nigde highway projects to our tender will be released later this year. We will have an uninterrupted highway from Kapıkule to Mersin and the Mediterranean. We will not be satisfied with this, we will extend this existing highway route to Habur. There is no development in a place where there is no transportation and communication. No matter which civilization you look at, we see that it has a very strong transportation infrastructure. We are increasing our competitive power by lowering transportation costs in terms of industry. For this reason, it is necessary to see such investments not only as road and bridge investments but as a development and development move.


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