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OSTİM Supports Railways: One of the places where the heart of the industry is located in Ankara is the OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, which is built on 5 million square meters. The 5000 workplace in the area provides bread to 50.000 people. This month's guest of the Interview section of the month talked to Ankara and Ankara-based SMEs on the way to become 'the Capital of Industry “with OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın.

Orhan Aydın-OSTİM Chairman of the Board

One of the most misunderstood about Ankara is that it is an industrial city, not a city for production. Ankara is not only the capital of politics but also a serious industrial production. Shall we begin by talking about this very unknown aspect of the city?

Ankara is really a public administration, bureaucracy and a city defined as a civil servant. OSTIM is a very important name at this point, an actor. We can say that one of the most important stops in Ankara is the transformation of industrialization. I spent all my life in Ankara, I also worked on the industry in the Ministry of Industry, I experienced the industrialization of Ankara personally. In Ankara, there were a lot of daily necessities, for example automobile maintenance-repairs, but there were small buildings, but there was nothing really industry-like. Until when? Until the establishment of Aselsan in 1970. This is a milestone in starting to be known as Ankara's industrial city.

When does OSTIM come into play?

OSTIM is also older than this. In 1967, Cevat Dündar is designed by the late and Turan Çiğdem OSTİM region. All plans of OSTİM, which is located in 15 km of the city center, were made with great thinking. The whole plan and design is based on the fact that Ankara is a considerable industrial city. A complete industrial city is designed with workplaces, training centers, health centers and residences. The likelihood of such a project was discussed at that time. Since the 70s, the opening of Aselsan, the main actors of the defense industry in Ankara, TAI, Machine Chemistry, FNSS'in 90'lerin developing here, the OSTIM as a sub-industry to the fore It brings. Because especially the defense industry, such as small-scale but quality production SMEs have much need. With this demand, a qualified industrial infrastructure is formed here with the efforts and contributions of SMEs. You cannot respond to Aselsan with an ordinary industrial production, you cannot become a subcontractor with TAI. The defense industry is trying to make it a domestic production. At that time, they are making real effort for these industrialists to change, develop and improve their quality.

You are talking about a very organized structure Çok

Yeah, it's something that complements each other. With these efforts, an OSTIM ecosystem is formed here. Our growing and growing companies are not only the companies that mark the industry of Ankara, but also become the flagship of the Turkish industry. Most of them are small firms and companies that sell goods to the world are becoming. If you go to the industrial zone in Ankara, you can see that almost all of the companies there are grown in the hatchery and school in OSTİM. Therefore, OSTİM is a real turning point for Ankara industry. He plays a very important role in the transition point from bureaucracy to industry in Ankara. We can even tell this transformation with a very nice slogan produced by ASO: From the Capital's Industry to the Capital of Industry la This is really a full slogan. Currently, Ankara is no less than a common industry when compared to the Istanbul and Bursa industries. When we think of qualifications, we are higher than them because the kilograms of industrial products produced in Ankara are exported to 23.5 dollars, which is very important. This is a product with high added value, products of organizations such as defense, aviation, Roketsan and Havelsan are pulling it up.

How many members do OSTİM have and in which sectors they operate?

We have a registered 5200 business. These include industry, trade and service sectors. They are mainly small and micro enterprises. When 100-150 reaches the person, they can't stay here anymore, our places aren't enough. Most of them are also branded. Then going to the other industrial zones is on the agenda. It is necessary to think of OSTİM as an incubator center that educates entrepreneurs from scratch. But as follows: We have separated these firms as qualifications. The clustering works that we initiated at this point also come into play. We made a serious analysis of our companies here. Of course, it is impossible to limit firms to only OSTİM because if one unit of the firm is here, another is in another place in İvedik OSB.

Clustering is an important title for SMEs. In which sectors do you have clustering work?

We've already told the defense industry. Other than that, construction machinery is an important title for Ankara. Let us say, in Turkey have to know if OSTIM who work machine. Spare part, 1.el machine sales, 2. the salesman, the salesman, the whole infrastructure is here. In addition, medical and medical device sector is another cluster. Apart from that, there is a cluster of companies working on energy. This is the starting point of the Anatolian rail system cluster which is not limited to OSTIM. Another is Rubber Technologies, which is our youngest cluster.

many tech development zone so that there is no over Turkey in Ankara in order to support this infrastructure. It's 10 right now. 22 collaborates with the university. I'm talking about a greater number than Istanbul. If you think in this context, the industrialization potential of Ankara is higher than other cities. There is also an organized industrial zone in Ankara.

Let's go to SMEs K What are the biggest problems faced by SMEs within OSTİM and thousands of SMEs that constitute the backbone of the Turkish economy?

Of course, very standard stereotypes can be said about the İ problem of access to money, scale problem erişme Actually, I think SMEs have more strategic problems. The most common sentence for SMEs is that they form the backbone of the economy. But is this really like that? SMEs in Turkey Is it really important? I think that's the main point. Because I don't think it is. I think we would see the reflection of this in practice. Of course not done. Don't be perceived as being ignored. But what I want to say is, I think we should discuss it as much as it should be.
For example: Continuous production: Production is important. Yes, we are already saying that, of course, it is important, and when it comes to production, SMEs come to mind first. It's okay, but we can't see in practice that it's more important than construction. But in Turkey, it can be an added value to the Turkish economy managed the production of most SMEs. In other words, consumption is ahead of production in terms of importance.

What do you think should be done?

We will create an infrastructure for producing both ourselves and others that Turkey needs are increased prosperity. Here, the biggest work and load is on SMEs, ie people who produce. Think about it once; You will open the workplace, train the worker to work there and produce a quality production. You'il sell it and sell it. And you're going to turn this system around all the time. 40-50 will even bring together the 100 component and create a job. This is a very difficult thing. If you don't see the support and encouragement on it, people can get to the point of throwing towels, leaving their jobs, and they can start to prefer the ways of earning more easily.

In numbers, the number of people working in the industrial sector is down from 24 to 17. If SMEs and production are important, then awareness and support should be increased, improved and improved. For the producer, a widespread, usable system for access to its credit needs to be developed. But the budget of KOSGEB, which appeals to 3 million small businesses, is not as much as the budget of a stadium N

So what are your suggestions?

What we need to realize is that when people know they can make money more easily, why would they take a laborious job like production? The political and economic environment that we are in is preparing the most suitable ground for this awareness, but we have to fill it. This is our branch, we can't cut this. We need to tremble over this. We must encourage people to protect their producer position. Only in this way can we achieve the objectives of the future and prosperity of the Turkish economy. We will make these productions, we will be aware of the importance of them and we will add the knowledge and technology of universities. As we produce our own needs here, we will meet the needs of others here. Because of our history and geography, we have to share it with the people we have responsibility for, and we will catch up with them. Only then will our welfare increase. The way for all of this to happen is through simple producer, entrepreneurial SMEs. Everything will develop on this consciousness. The people who will contribute to this ideal are local and national SMEs. engaged in manufacturing, exporting, we need to know the entrepreneurs of our human securities, these people are very important for Turkey.


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