Death Path Danger

Danger of Death Path: Hakkarili construction technician Yalcin Aalal, his father lost the accident in the street around 7 for nearly a year was not taken any measures.
Construction technician Yalçın Önal, who lost his father Cemil Önal who was the chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture at the crossroads where there is an intersection of the 7 separate road at the Sancar Avenue in the Dağgöl District, crossed the road with a large area, is on the way. He reacted to the Branch Chief. Önal, indicating the street where his father lost his life, Dağgöl neighborhood, on the Relationship Sancar Caddesi Hakkari-Van highway, which provides transportation to many neighborhoods, especially in the middle of the street, there are no signs in the belly, he said. Önal said, trafik In this street my father died in a car accident. Although the 114 year has passed, no measures have been taken on the street. He continues to invite street traffic accidents. There is a big road hub on this street and there is no sign here. Since 7 is a separate road separation, neither the vehicles nor the pedestrians know which direction to go. Since the area is large, there are many fatal and fatal traffic accidents. Almost all of the city, especially Hakkari-Van highway, uses this road. The road is 7 of Highways. It is located in the Branch Chief Network. Even though it is close to my school house, I bring my children to school with the help of the danger in the street. Hundreds of students come here to death. I wrote many times to the Regional Directorate of Highways, but I did not get any results. Is human life that simple? What is this institution trying to do? The so-called avenue to be built in the stone blocks for two months was taken to the edge of the street, but there is still no work here.
Highways 114. Officials of the Branch Chiefs, stating that the street is a problem, to prepare the order to notify the regional directorate and said they expect answers.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:52

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