Neighborhood Roads Asphalted

Neighborhood Roads Asphalted Covered: Covered Municipality of Tekirdag, began to pave the way of new neighborhoods.
Due to the large-scale construction of Tekirdağ, the project started in Karlı, Panarça, Uzunhacı, Bahçeağıl, Yanıkağıl and Karaağaç. Asphalt road maintenance and repair work carried out on the roads to the neighborhoods continued uninterrupted, district districts connected to the district 10 truck cold asphalt was reported to be separated.
After the asphalting works of the road to Bahçeağıl Mahallesi are completed, the officials of Kapaklı Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs stated that the works will continue in Pınarça District, "As soon as we complete our work here, we will continue our cold asphalt works in our other neighborhoods."
Commenting on the subject, Kapaklı Mayor İrfan Mandalı said, “With the expansion of our borders with the metropolitan structuring, our area of ​​responsibility has also expanded. In the next period, whatever service our neighborhoods in the district center receive, the other 6 neighborhoods that are later connected to Kapaklı will receive the same services. We will repair all bad roads in these 6 neighborhoods, as in our district center. Because road means civilization, ”he said.

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