Asphalt Works in Muratpaşada Continues

Muratpaşa Asphalt Works Continues: Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal, Meltem Mahallesi'nin continued on-site hot asphalt work on the site.
The old asphalts that were damaged in Meltem Neighborhood were dismantled and replaced with hot asphalt, while the asphalt production teams would continue in all of the neighborhoods where the infrastructure works were completed.
Muratpasa Mayor Umit Uysal, Meltem Mahallesi'nin continued on-site hot asphalt works. President Uysal said, halk We have promised our people that we will do hot asphalt work without patching as much as possible. With hot asphalt, we will make our way to our city. We started the application from Meltem Neighborhood. Muratpaşa consists of the oldest neighborhoods of Antalya. Milling machine next year by taking at least two-thirds of our neighborhoods during the process of hot asphalt we will cover up with de.
Presidency of Science Affairs Directorate will continue to work intensively President Uysal, belirten Meltem Mahallesi will be finished, other neighborhoods will be done without a break. We are working together with CLK Electricity and Natural Gas Company to conclude neighborhoods at the same time. We work together in the public interest by acting together. Together with other institutions we will enter the neighborhoods and do our work. We're not going to turn our neighborhoods into a puzzle board. The works of the Directorate of Science Affairs will continue uninterrupted. Fen

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