National Electric Locomotive at E1000 Factory Test Site

National electric locomotive E1000
National electric locomotive E1000

National Electric Locomotive E1000 Factory in the Test field: after a certain period of Turkey stressed will become one of the world authority on rail Ministers Light "2023 shunting locomotives in the country until 70 and we plan to 110 high-speed train service," he said.

Speaking to the AA reporter about the National Electric Locomotive E1000 Project, Işık said that a 1-megawatt electric locomotive was developed and a prototype was produced to meet the maneuvering and short-distance load-carrying needs of TCDD.


Stating that the draw frame system, which gives the ability to move to high-speed trains and high-speed trains, is complemented by domestic facilities, Işık said, “We define this as a locomotive, but at the moment we have made the traction system of the high-speed train. All of them were imported until now. Test drives are on their way to the final stage, we went to the next stage. ”


Minister Işık pointed out that work is also being carried out for the traction system of high-speed trains, “We will switch from the 1 megawatt draw frame to the 5 mega draw frame. The project is a crucial step towards reducing the current account deficit and increasing exports. Turkey will be one of the world some time after authorities in rail systems, "he said.


TUBITAK, which is supported by work of 18 scientists and about 10 million pounds budget of the project, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TULOMSAS) and is carried along and supplier describing the provision of necessary materials from industrial firms Light, gave the following information:

There are electric cars next

“DE11000 locomotives, which are in TCDD inventory and have problems in obtaining spare parts from abroad, have been asked to be modernized since the mid 90s. In the business development studies carried out by TÜLOMSAŞ with TÜBİTAK MAM in 2008, it was brought to the agenda by modernizing DE11000 locomotives by converting them into electricity in line with TCDD needs. A project proposal has been prepared for the development of these technologies, which are needed by the rail vehicle industry of our country, and that have a high added value, and a 1 megawatt 'E1000 Type Locomotive Development' project has been presented to TÜBİTAK KAMAG within the framework of TARAL 1007 program.

The project, which started in 2011, is planned to be completed in November. The most critical component of the project due to rail transport and traction and train control systems on which we depend entirely designed and abroad for the first time in Turkey, making integration via locomotive will be delivered to TCDD. We produced the electric locomotive, the test drives were completed. As we took an important step towards the original national train, there is an electric car. ”

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