Description of Deputy Screaming Ovit

Screaming Ovit Description: AK Party Erzurum deputy Fazilet Dağcı Scream, Erzurum-Askale distinction-Ispir way Broken tunnel and the connection paths found.
Scream, in his statement said: ale Erzurum-Ashkale distinction - Ispir Yolu As a result of the negotiations with the Minister of Transport and General Directorate of Highways, in order to eliminate the misunderstandings about the broken tunnel and connection roads: ı- Erzurum-Askale distinction - Ispir Road The construction work of the KM: 63 + 880-79 + 663.89 section was made by the 20 candidate for the prequalification application on 23.07.2013 date according to the 10 clause of the Public Procurement Law. 13.02.2014 on October 20 will be signed between the Directorate and 2014 will start the work following the delivery of the work place in 15 days. Ovit Tunnel between Iskrem-Rize and Dallıkavak Tunnels between Ispir and Erzurum will be continue.

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