MHP Council Members Asked YHT Line

MHP Council Members asked the YHT Line: MHP Municipal Assembly Members in the town of Sapanca Municipality after the meeting of the high-speed train line in the district of the press release issued a press release.

The statement took the following statements:

In recent days, news about the change of the Sapanca transition of the High Speed ​​Train route took place.

There were three-dimensional animations of the route and some information in the news which was understood to originate from Sapanca municipality.

Then, it was announced that some of this information was not correct.

On the following days, different visuals and information about the route were used in newspapers and websites.

Sapanca Mayor Aydin Yilmazer's AKP district meeting changed the route of the new route is better explained that we have learned from the media again.

It is necessary to share the right information and facts with our people on such a sensitive issue that will affect the lives of many people and not to use the contradictory discourses that will lead to misunderstandings.

The mayor should comment on the route and express his / her liking, and share with the public what features he has adopted due to his advantages.

The change in such an important and irreversible project should be explained by putting out technical reasons for emotional reasons. As members of the MHP Council we share our views on the issue of public opinion for a while and expect the municipality to show the necessary sensitivity to the issue.

  • First of all, it is uncertain which buildings will be expropriated by State Railways on the YHT route.
  • Since the route will pass from the existing vehicle roads to the train line after the passage of the route, the alternative of these roads is uncertain.
  • There is not enough distance to open to the traffic of the subway after the construction of the underpass YHT which connects the street of the foundation street with Mehter Street.
  • Mehter cad.-Kuvai Milliye cad.-Ersin Cad. This will be a danger to the vehicle traffic so that the underpass can be made at this point where the three important roads intersect.
  • Will there be no street because it will pass the High Speed ​​Line from Kuvai Milliye Street? Will the buildings here be covered by the expropriation? If the expropriation will not be made, which buildings will be constructed from the road?
  • Will the underpass connecting the inner-city street and Özkum street be expanded? How will road connections be made in this case?
  • If a new station is being constructed for the rapid train The current train station will be protected and used for what purpose?
  • Even if the high-speed train railway is shifted to save the current market place building, a façade of the market place will be closed for the train line. The bridge that passes over the railway starting from the south of the market place will close two sides of the market place.
  • All of the overpasses to be constructed in this area will be in the same architectural form as the overpass in Kırkpınar? Both the architectural aesthetics and the danger of traffic safety in terms of overpasses creates a concern for the overpasses. The project includes 4 overpasses from the market place to the tunnel entrance.
  • No buildings will be demolished and the project is completely over the Kardelen site.
  • The high speed train route which will pass the TEM highway to the underpass will go down below the ground if the current ground height of the highway is taken into account.
  • Sakarya street will be elevated and the overpass will be constructed. The parcels that are front of this road are already under the road elevation.
  • At the intersection of the Sakarya Street and Fevzi Çakmak Street, which intersects with the overpass, there will be danger in terms of traffic.
  • Fevzi Cakmak street elevation and overpassing the façade of the front parcels will be closed to the front of the parcels will be limited to the upper passage wall.
  • In the previous project, the entrance of the tunnel was taken from the empty area and the buildings were taken over.
  • In the previous project, the entrance of the tunnel entrance is empty and the reason for shifting under the Sofhan and Aydın Gül sites is not understood.

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