The sound of the Metrobus Rose Selcuk

Rose Selcuk: 5 million people in the ears of familiar with the sound of Rose Selcuk, every day to reach millions of people are happy to be intertwined with people, he said.

Speaking the names of the people with the sound synthesis technology in public transport in Istanbul, Gül Selçuk, who owns the sound that is familiar in the ears of the million people every day around 5, said that he was happy to be constantly intertwined with the people reaching the millions every day.

Sound synthesis technology developed by SESTEK company is used in public transportation vehicles in Istanbul to voice the names of stops. In this application, which provides convenience to millions of people, Gül Selçuk, the owner of the sound that is synthesized and used, stated that she is happy to hear millions of people every day.

"It is strange to travel with my own voice"

Gül Selçuk, who has been working in various media sectors for many years, stated that it was a strange feeling to travel with his own voice while using public transportation.

Pointing out that the system produced by SESTEK technology firm is especially beneficial for the visually impaired, Gül Selçuk continued her speech as follows: “It is a nice feeling to help people. I help millions of people every day. Because not everyone lives in Istanbul, there are also people coming from elsewhere. It is also a good technology to know where I am going to places I do not know in Istanbul and which stop I am at. On the other hand, it sounds interesting when I hear my own voice. For people who are asleep, I don't know how it is to hear my voice at every stop, but the feeling of helping people outweighs me. Let me drink with millions of people every day, it's a good feeling. "

Text-to-Speech, also known as the speech synthesis technology in the process of developing thousands of words voicing Selcuk, 14 began the voice of the voice of people in the voice-over work for people who can reach the warm link has been created, he added.



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