Mendereste Car Asphalt Any Place Entered

Every Place Entered by Mendereste Car Will Be Asphalted: Mayor of Menderes Bülent Soylu examined the asphalting works carried out by the municipality with its own facilities.
President Soylu, who has been traveling around Özdere Türkmen Field for 30 years, said, "Asphalt will be poured on every road that the car enters."
After the local elections, Bülent Soylu, who sat in the chair of Menderes, continues to solve problems that have not been solved for years. Soylu, who first pressed the button to fill the infrastructure deficiencies, has been touching the public in social projects on the one hand, and on the other hand, he has been continuing his asphalting works on kilometers of roads where transportation has been provided under primitive conditions. While touring the Turkmen Field in Özdere, where asphalting works were carried out, Soylu, while examining the works of the municipality closely, reached the people living in the region for 30 years without asphalt pouring. President Soylu, who visited 95-year-old Mustafa Akcanlı, who made retirement transactions during his SSI Directorate, also met with Muazzez Akkus who lives in the same place.
Menderes Mayor Bülent Soylu made his first visit to the Turkmen Field to the 95-year-old Mustafa Akcanlı. Akcanlı said that before the elections, Soylu went to SGK District Directorate and helped him retire due to the reports he received. Akcanlı said, “I never thought that the mayor would come here and visit me. Before the elections, when I was the SSI manager, I went to him when my vision loss reached up to 90 percent. Then he retired me. Happily now he has become our president. He continues his successful works at the SGK Directorate during his presidency. Our paths were opened years ago in our youth. But nothing was done in the intervening time. It was a very good service to come to our neighborhood, which is deprived of everything. ”
Muazzez Akkus, who lives in the same neighborhood, said that the vehicles coming for the funeral of his wife who was killed in a heart attack in 2010 could not reach their homes. Akkuş said, Ak We have been able to access for years in very difficult conditions. These roads have not seen the asphalt side since the opening. When my wife lost her life, she carried her body to walk. Since the car could not enter our shoulders in the shoulder had to move to the main road. We were in the mud in bad weather and heavy rain. Our children had trouble walking. Now the roads have been organized and expanded. Now the neighbors can go to each other easily, Artık he said.
Listening closely to the people living in the region, Soylu said, “The selection of our work teams kazanIt has been providing uninterrupted service since the day we started. The biggest problem of Menderes is the lack of maintenance in infrastructure and transportation roads. As the municipality, we have completed a very important part of the asphalting works that we started with our own means and vehicles in six months. We plan to complete the rest until the winter season comes. If a vehicle enters a place, that road must be paved. At Menderes, we work with this understanding. These works, which we continue without discrimination in service, will continue without slowing down. We will not marginalize anyone. Election season is over. We have a lot of work to do. We will fulfill all our promises," he said.

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