Mavişehir İZBAN Station wall cracks were damaged

Mavişehir İZBAN Station cracks in the wall were patched: Mavişehir İZBAN station wall cracks in the head we have announced. After our news, Metropolitan Municipality took temporary measures by covering the cracks on concrete.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has put into practice the new transportation system that enables those who use public transportation to turn to the rail system as of June 29, Sunday. While reducing the number of buses in the city center and the main arteries, it is aimed to use the rail system more, Egeli Sabah announced the collapses and cracks in the Mavişehir İZBAN Station, which is made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is used by thousands of people every day. Following the publication of the scary images at Mavişehir Station, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality produced a temporary solution. The works of the Metropolitan Municipality, which closed the cracks in the station only with concrete, attracted the reaction of those who saw it.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality switched to the new transportation system on Sunday, June 29 to reduce the traffic density in the city and to make more use of the rail system. With the new transportation system, the number of people using İZBAN has increased. The cracks formed on the walls of the Mavişehir İZBAN Station, built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, where thousands of people pass every day, created fear. While the cracks in the wall at the entrance of the station were noteworthy, the cracks formed on the walls inside the station were also visible. Calling Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to take precautions, citizens said, “In a moderate earthquake, this station may collapse. Who will account for the loss of life and injuries then? The walls have been cracking like this for months. Do not any officials see these walls and collapses on the ground? ” He expressed his reactions. This situation made headlines in Egeli Sabah with the title of "The station is collapsing" on 7 September. After the news was published, the officials of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality closed the gaps in the cracks in Mavişehir İZBAN Station by pouring concrete on it. While it is observed from the studies that no safety precautions have been taken, it is only a matter of time before a crack is formed on the cracks that are closed by pouring concrete at the station. Inadequate studies invite a possible disaster.


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  1. This so-called, but necessary news, is the mirror, which is an indicator of the level of quality of the discussions in our country. The essence of the argument is the fear and the basis of the human being. The level of knowledge of the people who make the news is, in so far as it is fundamentally controversial, a policy that enters into the work, the style that is called per enemy.
    First: YES, the first and most important issue of passengers / human security is undisputed. However, the technical side of the work is a technical and engineering subject. In the art, in the natural sciences, in engineering, the numbers are valid instead of relative, vague words. A crack (micro-, macro-) indicates value only if indicated by its size. However, if the rift is dangerous or is acceptable, the experts of the matter may decide, otherwise we are not. It is necessary to acknowledge that the experts of the subject are also committed to the principles of conscience and righteousness (even if the opposite is true). In the news, the building movement is referred to as başlangıç ​​In most of the structural systems, in most of the structural systems, there will be deviations from the level of the level of the level of the seating, which is dependent on the level of quality of the floor. What is important is that these values ​​are exceeded in defined limits, ie limit values ​​or limits? Is the cracked surface only in the coating layer or in the deep? If it works deep, what are the dimensions? What is the feed rate? Vbg is a series of questions and answers to a number of questions-answers that experts have asked and answered. They should be discussed, but not in this way. This form of debate, especially because of political and / or political reasons, because it is both credibility, credibility is lost, and more importantly, it is now creating discretion. The last one is the greatest danger.
    We have become so that a construction of a tunnel that ends and a series of death if it causes ... First shouting, fussing out, we promise a thousand kinds of measures, but then, something is not changing. BUY THE TYPICAL BACKGROUND! Let's not count the examples, pages are not enough Örnek
    Actually, what should be? Let the neutral, independent, real UNDERSTANDING and REPORTS (attention, plural, not singular) demand, impose, mutual claims, let us be comfortable, the system (s) can be operated as required. That's what our most difficult heads are.
    The security measures mentioned in the news are not understood. Is it the security of the last passengers, human security or the general security of the system? In our country, unfortunately, both of them can be neglected, the facts of the accident with mind-boggling facts Ül

  2. The visual quality level of the repair is exactly what is specific to us. Good luck, good luck! Take the most beautiful system, do it, apply it, then go into it. There is no other way of transferring. Every society, community, is not only managed in the way it deserves (the discourse is not mine), but likewise embraces it from its own esteem and mastery. Here is the best example. We are just rattling as members of the flock of sheep, but we do not need to. I do not say this, the United Nations, I do not know what the organization of a research result says that iy What is called; “Let's be worse“!