Terrifying moments (Video)

Frightening moments in Marmaray: The short-term stop of Marmaray, which departs from Üsküdar in the morning hours, during the Bosphorus crossing scared the passengers. Panic environment occurred with the cessation of electricity and ventilation. These images were recorded between the screams of some of the passengers.

The short pause in Marmaray caused panic. It was recorded by the passengers that the ventilation and electricity did not work during the incident in which a passenger was ill.

Hundreds of passengers have experienced fearful moments such a facebook user shared this page.

This morning we had a very claustrophobic experience with hundreds of passengers in the crowded wagon in Marmaray.

From the moment we left Üsküdar, it was obvious that something was wrong. First, the train did not get up for about five minutes, then it started to move at a pace as if it was walking slowly. Ventilation was working very poorly, people were overwhelmed while breathing. We started to accelerate as it crossed my mind to talk to the vatman from the intercom and ask him to strengthen the ventilation. And before we could reach Sirkeci, the train slowed down and stopped right under the sea. Immediately afterwards, electricity and ventilation were cut off, and we were stuck in the tunnel, stuffy and dull dark! As soon as the humming and panic atmosphere started, some passengers were warned "be calm, do not panic" and it worked. When the heat and stuffiness began to overwhelm the person, a female passenger became quite ill, most likely having a panic attack. "I beg you to go, let them work for the sake of Allah," he screamed. The lights of her cell phones were turned on, the young woman was tried to be calmed down with cologne. It was obvious that everyone was nervous and scared in the carriage, except for a few people who tried to joke. After a few minutes the situation improved and the train set off again. Fortunately, we were able to come to Sirkeci without any accident.



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