Manisada 80 Million Lira Paving to Be Done

Manisa 80 Million Pound Asphalting: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, from the beginning of 2015 80 million pounds in the province reported to do paving work. The Provincial Coordination Board meeting was held under the chairmanship of Governor Erdoğan Bektaş in the meeting hall of Şehzadeler District Governorate. The Chairman of the Department of Science Affairs, Yılmaz Gençoğlu made a presentation about the works of the Metropolitan Municipality and the investment program.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun, the process of construction of metropolitan in all districts, health services and state services, such as cemetery, pesticides, firefighting and road production, he said. Ergun, tamir Akhisar and Salihli construction sites, as soon as the tenders to make the recovery by making the village patches have made great patch repairs. At the moment, our apartment, the roads in all districts and our friends from the Special Administration with the determination of our friends from the approximately 60-80 million TL in the main arteries as hot asphalt, roads to other village roads stabilized asphalt programming was made. During the Special Administration period, a figure of TL 15 million was allocated for asphalt. We are aiming to start a major asphalt move in all of our districts in the region, hoping to expand this year four-fold this year. Biz
Stating that they are working on the establishment of metropolitan service buildings in the districts, Mayor Ergün said, “We have five or six districts under MASKI. We will add their services to MASK. After all, we had such a painful process. Our investment plans for 2015 continue. Here, once again, I would like to thank our Highways Regional Manager. As a result of the consultations and negotiations we had with him, we signed our projects with a protocol. We have reached the projecting stage of the works of the intersections in Turgutlu, Salihli, Saruhanlı and Alaşehir. Of course, we are thinking of launching them in 2015, following the approval of Highways. " he spoke.
Ergün pointed out that Manisa had two important problems in terms of the center. All our permits and parliamentary decisions regarding the solid waste disposal facility were taken. The solid waste credit from Iller Bank was also approved as 100 lending. At the moment, the preparation of the technical specifications of the tender is expected to be completed by the end of this month and the tender day will be received. About 1,5 years ago we had visited our Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu with our deputies. In this regard, it was promised that the direct ministry would make this refinement with 30 years back; however, the information I received today was the negative decision to be taken into the program by the Ministry of Development. So the 2014 program didn't get approval. I've instructed us to draw back our projects. We will make a loan application at Iller Bank by making the tender as metropolitan. In addition, there are refineries in Turgutlu and Alaşehir. We will also apply in bulk. So these projects are the sine qua non of Manisa. Manisa, Saruhanlı and Turgutlu will benefit from the solid waste facilities. Katı



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