Maltepe Avenue is Renovated

Refurbishing Maltepe Caddesi: Oktar, Head of the Department of Science Affairs, who announced that the road construction and repair works in Karapürçek will be completed within a short time, then heralded that Maltepe Street, which provides transportation to Maltepe Quarter, will be defeated. . The paving stones on the 6 hundred-meter path will be removed. A thousand tonnes of asphalt will be used for the street with a width of 7 meters.
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs continues its construction and renovation works for a new period. The teams working in the district group and the inter-city roads, as well as the Science Works, continue the renovation works. Oktar stated that the arrangements in Karapürçek will end soon; road maintenance, repair and renovation work will continue in Adapazarı said. Oktar, lıy Karapürçek district in the districts of Yazlikürgen, Uludere and Kanlıçay neighborhoods are asphalted approximately 7 thousand-meter route. Our work will be completed in a short time. Then we will undertake some renovation works in the Adapazarı district. We have completed our parquet dismantling works at Yamanlar Street, which provides a link between Itfaiye Street and Sedat Kirtetepe Street. We will asphalt the region in a short time, Bölge he said.
Ali Oktar, Head of the Department of Science Affairs, stated that the renovation works will be initiated on Maltepe Street in line with the demand from the citizens. Gelen 922, known as the Wagon Factory Road. We are renovating Maltepe Street, which is intersecting with the street and providing transportation to Maltepe Mahallesi. The paving stones on the 6 one-hundred-meter route will be removed. One thousand tons of asphalt will be used for the 7 meter-wide street. X



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