Sustainable Growth of Logistics Discussed in Istanbul

Sustainable Growth of Logistics Discussed in Istanbul: FIATA World Congress 2014, where stakeholders of the logistics world came together, talked about the developments in the logistics industry for five days and the steps to be taken for sustainable growth.

Within the scope of the congress, a meeting was held with the world logists and the Turkish logists for the cooperation of the 55 and the agreement was signed between the World Bank and FIATA to support the logistics sector.

UTİKAD, the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers who hosted the congress, was given the authority to grant FIATA Diploma Training by registering the education standards.

FIATA World Congress 2014 was held in Istanbul, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center between October 13-18, hosted by UTIKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association.

The participants of 1.000, who participated in the congress, as well as the bureaucrats who attended and participated in the opening ceremony, will be the future of the logistics sector in line with the theme of katıl Sustainable Growth in Logistics büro, from the top names of the World Customs Organization he listened to the road map.

Congress opening ceremony attended by Deputy Minister of Economy Adnan Yildirim, Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Deputy Attorney Talat Aydin and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Chairman Ibrahim Ages to the participants, Istanbul and Turkey's logistics investments that in terms of great potential for hosting and logistics development point in Turkey ' explained the investments. UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin presented a plaque of appreciation for his contributions to the congress.

”Logistics Sector Will Continue to Grow in 2015“

At FIATA Istanbul 2014, practitioners of academics and other components of the sector have come together to discuss the basic issues that will determine the area of ​​the logistics sector in the coming period. In addition, UICAD and Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Logistics Applications and Research Center, carried out every three-month period, “Trends in Logistics Sector Research mal was applied to the participants of the congress, the world logistics sector 2015 year was evaluated. As a result of the survey, participants predicted that the sector will continue to grow in 2015.

Organized 1055 Meeting at UTİKAD and FIATA Networking Days

Within the scope of the congress, the participants also had the opportunity to conduct “One-to-One Business Meetings” with over 85 logistics professionals from 1.000 countries through “UTİKAD Networking” and “FIATA Networking” sessions. Turkish and World Logistics sector representatives met in 1055 bilateral meetings organized on UTİKAD and FIATA Networking days.

FIATA Signs an Important Agreement with the World Bank

The Congress also signed an important agreement on the future of the logistics sector. With the agreement signed between FIATA and World Bank, the problems and solutions of the logistics sector in the world of economy will be discussed in close cooperation. Jose Guilherme Reis, Sector Leader of the World Bank Europe and Central Asia Private and Financial Sector Sector, stated that they took steps as a World Bank for the facilitation of trade in the globalized economy world and said that they have important works in this context for the logistics sector. Tir Our work with this memorandum of understanding will continue to be richer,, Reis said.

Francesco Parisi, President of FIATA, said that they paid attention to this cooperation with the World Bank and said that recently World Bank has allocated 30 billion dollars to be used in logistics developing countries and they will work as FIATA for the agreement to spread to all countries.

A First in FIATA World Congresses

FIATA World Congress hosted an interesting exhibition for the first time. MSC Shipping Agency Documentation Services Director Ahmet Aytog that Turkey, 20 the years his collection, each of which is a separate story and showed the oldest of the congress is the 1763 450 from 83 years based on the bill of lading. In the ded Voyage of the Bill of Lading ded exhibition, where the participants showed great interest, UTIKAD President Erkeskin gave Parisi the original bill of lading dated 1938, which was signed by his grandfather.

Francesco Parisi, President of International Federation of Transport Organizations Associations (FIATA) and Turgut Erkeskin, President of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD), said that they had a successful congress at a press conference on the last day of the FIATA World Congress.

”A very successful congress was signed“

Expressing that they are very satisfied with the FIATA Istanbul 2014, Parisi stated that the meetings held during the congress were very productive. Francesco Parisi, FIATA Congresses 3 an annual preparation process took place and UTIKAD completed this process in a short period of time 18 month, explaining, ın Participants from the number of meetings until a very successful congress, thanks to the contents of the session, I thank to UTIKAD. 12 years ago, we also held a successful congress in Turkey, this Congress passed even more successful, "he said. Parisi, that Turkey has a very important position in the logistics sector with a growing economy and is also hosting the logistics sector, he added.

Underlining that one of the most important goals of FIATA is to improve employment, Parisi touched upon the importance they attach to vocational education. Çiz FIATA diploma is the only certificate valid in the world. Now we have completed the studies for the FIATA Academy of Logistics, academics will be the names of experts in the field will be a significant acceleration for the world logistics industry, "he said.

President of UTIKAD Turgut Erkeskin, as a association to host such a successful congress, he said. Erkeskin stated that the sustainability of logistics in world trade has a very important place. Kon For this purpose, we have determined the main theme of our congress as çok Sustainable Growth in Logistics Dünya. Within the framework of this theme, we selected our congress topics and speakers. And as we talked what we can do during the congress sector, we find details on what that world developments, issues about whether Turkey should be the roadmap of what we have discussed in detail in the logistics sector. Now we will share the results of the congress with the public and the relevant institutions by making a report. Şimdi

”We are starting to work to establish UTIKAD Academy“

Underlining that important inferences have been achieved during the congress, Erkeskin said that as UTİKAD, they have realized another important step for the sector. Ğ We are an association that is at the forefront in terms of supporting logistical trainings and in terms of sectoral trainings that we provide in a wide range, imiz said Erkeskin. Now we have added the FIATA Diploma to these studies. We will provide 280 hours training for those who want to get this diploma. Those who take this diploma, which is valid all over the world, will have a significant advantage for their career development in the logistics sector. We aim to build UTIKAD Academy in Turkey. FIATA also conducts an academic study. In this context, we will work with FIATA to establish UTIKAD Academy. Bu

Erkeskin underlined that they attach importance to the resource works for the logistics sector and said that iğ Global Logistics ”book, which is among the publications of UTİKAD, was translated into English and translated into English and shared with the world under the name of çiz Global Logistics dik. Erkeskin added that this book will be an important source of reference especially in the Caucasus countries with our close geography.

Erkeskin also mentioned about the “Sustainable Logistics Certificate” study conducted with Bureau Veritas as an association to contribute to the sustainable growth of the sector. He said that it is evaluated within the scope of environmental, energy, occupational health safety, employee rights, road safety, asset and customer feedback managements. Expressing that the companies that have successfully passed this assessment are entitled to receive the certificate, Erkeskin said that this document was introduced to the participants within the scope of the congress and that the certificate was presented to Ekol Logistics during the congress, which was the first company to pass the audits successfully.

Reminding that they offer various risk and insurance products to UTİKAD members, Erkeskin emphasized that they have implemented the Transport and Carriage Organizers Liability Insurance with the cooperation of GRASS SAVOYE WILLIS as an association and they have made efforts to create and develop awareness of liability insurance with this study which is an example to the world.

The President of UTIKAD stated that they welcomed important foreign delegations such as Malaysian Transport Minister, Iran Deputy Minister of Road and Urbanization and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of European Integration of Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure. At the congress, with the Ukrainian Association of UTIKAD Ukrzovnishtrans transport and logistics companies in the two countries to develop their cooperation and transit cooperation to go to the cooperation agreement to record the use of Erkeskin, Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure officials talked about their satisfaction.

Turgut Erkeskin pointed out that sponsorship support is also important for the successful realization of such congresses around the world. In addition to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Ekol Logistics's Main Sponsor is Arkas Logistics's Platinum Sponsor and King Abdullah Economic of Saudi Arabia. City's Platinum Sponsor, the world's largest independent forwarder network organization WCA ve World Cargo Alliance's Silver Sponsor and Turkish Cargo's Bronze Sponsor, Habertürk Newspaper and TV's main media sponsor of the congress for the support of the congratulations.

Ası Campaign for EBOLA Launched “

FIATA World Congress 2014 Erkeskin, who stated that the struggle against the ve Ebola Epidemic bulunma which frightens the whole world in Istanbul, has not been forgotten, stated that an aid campaign has been initiated by FIATA to support the organizations fighting the Ebola crisis at the Gala Night and the participants committed to donating 110 thousand dollars. .

In the question and answer part of the meeting, Erkeskin said, bin Which country was the most participant in the congress? X and added,, We had more than one thousand participants in the congress. This interest has made us very happy to have shown that the largest contribution from Turkey and our industry. Turkey then provided a significant contribution from the African continent, "he replied.

Turgut Erkeskin, "which took place between Turkey and Iran 'fuel difference' and 'toll' What do you think the tension?" "We are always moving in a line that will ensure that our industry continues on its way without being blocked. As part of the FIATA Congress, we hosted officials from the Iranian Ministry of Transportation, as well as from many countries. We have seen that the Iranian authorities are not satisfied with this situation and are open to dialogue. We want these problems affecting Turkish transporters to be resolved as soon as possible in a positive environment. ”

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they are working on van Underground road projects' to save Istanbul from TIR traffic. Kin How do you evaluate this?, Said Erkeskin, us Istanbul has a heavy traffic load. A key city in the logistics sector. TIRs cannot enter a specific time zone of the day. Such a practice is not encountered when traveling to Europe. In order to solve these problems, we must make alternative studies. We should make investments especially for intermodal transportation and we should use the Sea of ​​Marmara more in freight transportation. Özellikle

The 5 day-long Congress was the scene of color images. During the Turkish Night, the participants tasted the special tastes of Turkish cuisine accompanied by the chapters. Canan Anderson's performance at the Gala Night, which was hosted by Ece Vahapoğlu and where special dance performances took place, attracted great attention.

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