9 Injured In The Tram Stop In Jerusalem

Vehicle Dives into Tram Stop in Jerusalem 9 Injured: In Jerusalem, a Palestinian driver hit the people at the tram stop and 3 people were injured, 9 of them seriously.

Turkey's Consulate General in Jerusalem Sheikh found that a surgeon entering the Immunitio Hill tram stop in the car, hit the stop waiting for passengers.

Israeli Chief of Police Sözcü“3 people, 9 of them seriously, were injured in the incident that took place in the evening. The driver was shot by the police while trying to escape. After the injured passenger was caught, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. "We suspect that the incident was a terrorist attack."

In the incident where all the injured were Jewish, a large number of ambulances and police vehicles were shipped to the area, the scene was closed to traffic and wide security measures were taken. In the meantime, a group of Jews who came to the scene of the flight of police helicopters, began the protest.

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