Kuskan asks: What happened to commuter trains

Kuskan asks: What happened to the suburban trains. CHP Provincial Chairman Yalcin Kuskan, a weekly press conference, assessing two issues concerning our city, Kuşkan, due to resignations Çayırova district's extraordinary congress 18 October in Çayırova Cultural Center announced that will be done. Our country is returning to the place of fire, the environment is prepared to be burned down, insisting that the government to implement the wrong policies of the dark points dragged to the CHP Provincial President Kuşkan,, This belongs to the power of the power. Our President and Prime Minister's harsh statements are increasing our grief, Cumhur he said.

Science Industry and Technology Minister Fikar Işık reminded that a national wagon was made. Kuşkan said, lam We are wondering when suburban trains will start working. High Speed ​​Train does not stop in Izmit in the evening and why doesn't AKP bring up this issue. Yüksek CHP Provincial Chairman Kuşkan stated that they wanted to build a container port in Çayırova, said: Kuş Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, the Mayor of the city, came to us to make a port here. He's doing well, and we're gonna make a contribution. To make a port here to finish the Gulf, paralyzed means. The people of the city must also oppose. The construction of the new port does not remove the traffic and becomes a logistics city. It also changes the sociological structure of the city. Kent



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