Transportation will be shortened

Transportation to Konya will be shortened: Transportation to Konya will be shortened not only from Antalya but also from Manavgat by opening the road.
AK Party Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak, Highways 13 Deputy Director Yalçın Kavak and AK Party Manavgat District President Hasan Öz made an investigation on the Taşağıl-Beyşehir road, which will connect Antalya to Konya and pass through the Taşağıl District of Manavgat.
AK Party Antalya deputy Sadik Badak, Antalya and Konya between the 90 mileage will reduce the construction of the highway 5 thousand 300 meters and 12 meters wide in the construction of the Ibradi Baslar Tunnel concurrent with the completion of the 2016 to be opened in service, he said.
Badak said, “In the İbradı Başlar Tunnel, an average of 24 meters of excavation is carried out on both sides with a 7-hour work day.
Now 500 meters of it has been excavated. The cost of the tunnel is 80 million liras. Apart from the tunnel construction, high quality improvement works continue between İbradı-Beyşehir and Tünel and Beydiğin. I hope there is no technical problem in the machines. The contractor firm makes every effort to complete the road. There is no problem of road construction allowance. The transportation to Konya will be shortened not only from Antalya but also from Manavgat as the road is completed and put into service. ”

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