Latest status in Konya-Mersin railway project

The latest situation in the Konya-Mersin railway project: An important guest was hosted at KONTV in the first ROTA of the new broadcast period. Konya Deputy Kerim Özkul, who was appointed as the Consultant to the AK Party Chairman, answered questions about the hot agenda, drew attention to the provocation and called for common sense. Kerim Özkul also gave important information about Konya investments.


Kerim Özkul explained the latest situation on the railway line that will connect Konya to Mersin.

Özkul said, 'The decision is final, the tender for the construction of the road between Konya and Karaman was made. Site delivery has been made. The company has started the construction works to increase the railway line between Konya-Karaman to double line.

As of now, the project of the road from Karaman to Ulukışla has been completed and the construction tender will be launched. The project between Ulukışla and Mersin is about to be completed. As 2018-19, as a divided road up to Mersin, we will have a continuous railway line where passenger trains can speed up to 200 kilometers and freight trains can speed 100 kilometers.



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