Hardwood Pavement Pavement Works In Toros

Torosda Hardwood Pavement Works In Progress: Mersin's central district Toroslar Mayor Hamit Tuna, continued to work in the neighborhoods of the paving and pedestrian walkway, stating, "Toroslar people in a more modern and high-standard districts continue to work in a high-density," he said.
President Tuna examined key paving works carried out by the Science Directorate teams in Mustafa Kemal Neighborhood within the scope of road construction works. Stating that they have done approximately 5 square meters of pavement work in one month in Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi and with the works to be completed as soon as possible, Tuna also emphasized that they will cover the roads laid with lock paving with hot mix asphalt. Tuna stated that they continue their pavement and road works without interruption by taking into account all users, including drivers, pedestrians and disabled people, and said, “We continue our efforts intensively to keep our Taurus people living in a more modern and high standard district. In this context, by examining our ongoing road and sidewalk works in Mustafa Kemal Neighborhood, we provided information about our services to our residents. After the pavement work is completed, we will cover our streets with asphalt and make it smoother. I would like to thank all the residents of the neighborhood who supported our teams during the works and wish the service to be beneficial to our neighborhood. ”



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