İNSAFİZASYO Period in Kars: Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), the result of research conducted by the Regional Directorate of Kars, the number of vehicles in our province have been identified as 38 491 thousand.
With the decision taken by the Provincial Traffic Commission in the previous period, thought that the traffic flow in the city center would be relieved. In parallel with this application, the signaling lights were switched on for a while and the transition from the secondary roads to the main roads was controlled.
With the removal of the signaling application, the pedestrian and vehicle traffic in Kars turned into a complete rush. means for including the main road traffic at intersections, they are on the national highway crossing priority vehicles with drivers, mercy by coming into the game, he had to wait several minutes to give way to pedestrians they are staying in the state to wait at the crossing guard in the sidewalk. If the patient, after a long wait to confront the elderly, pedestrians without crushing children, may interfere with the traffic flow of a traffic police, stop the vehicles, or if a driver who is on the way again comes to the job and comes to a stop, they can cross over.
The pedestrian traffic, which continues as if passing through the obstacles of the death course, becomes more unbearable in rainy weather. Pedestrians, who cannot be noticed by vehicle drivers whose visibility is restricted due to rainfall, occasionally come to the nose with death. The situation of law enforcement and ambulances, which have priority in traffic, is also deplorable. A patient who needs to be brought to the hospital urgently should be transferred or the forensic case to be intervened as soon as possible, or if it is not prevented, the intervention of a fire that will burn the environment will not be sincere. Ambulance, fire brigade, Police Crew tools etc. service vehicles who want to drive with the siren sounds playing in the place where there are minutes is also taking the share of the driver. Pedestrians or motorized patrols despite the intervention of the driveway not given this service vehicles ambulance is in the patient's life is threatened, more desperate situation to drift event while criminal cases, the fire department also is ash from the burning place even gives rise to propagate around the fire.
The signaling system, which was developed for the control of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and applied in almost all other provinces and districts outside of Kars, is kept as an pillar in our city. Urban signaling systems are used to control uncontrolled intersections and to prevent delays that may occur at the intersection and to reduce delays. Although we have both the necessary equipment for this application and all the requirements, the signalization application was not put into practice and the period of insufflation was entered.
Signaling applications need to be switched to the following headings;
• Vehicles that wish to move in secondary ways cannot find the necessary time gaps and the main road vehicles do not allow it,
• Despite the signs at the intersections, traffic safety cannot be ensured and accidents occur in a similar way.
• Irregular traffic at the intersections leads to waiting, congestion, blockages and delays; Therefore, economic use of the intersection decreases and causes energy and time loss.
• Junction capacity is not sufficiently utilized,
• Pedestrians are not able to move safely,
• The physical and geometrical structure of the intersection requires marking.
The reason for not being applied to signaling; Eki The capacity of an intersection arranged as signalized is usually higher than the capacity of the junction in the same geometry, which is controlled only by traffic signs. However, as long as the total traffic loads in the junction do not reach a certain level, the signaling facility has a negative effect on delays. Etki However, signaling systems are generally divided into isolated and coordinated systems. It is a system that does not affect any signaling systems and does not affect any other signaling systems. Isolated signaling systems can be implemented in four different ways.
• Fixed Time Signaling System
• Traffic Alert Signaling System
• Pedestrian Stimulated Signaling System
• Manually Operated Signaling System
In the period when the signalization application is implemented, drivers have also expressed the opinion that the long-term burns or delays of the red light are adversely affected, but there are various ways, methods and systems within the scope of the application. That is to say, the signaling facilities at the intersections must be connected to each other at two or more intersections of the main roads, in order to reduce delays and to avoid frequent stoppages. Co-ordinated systems are usually arranged to pass the highest possible number of vehicles without stopping by providing adequate access to the crossroads on the main road and to the secondary road traffic. While co-ordinated systems are primarily implemented for highway traffic, in some cases the possibilities of minimizing the total delay in all directions are also investigated. Coordinated systems can be listed as follows according to their work patterns:
• Synchronized System
• Alternative system
• Progressive System
• Land Traffic Control System

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