Karamanda High Speed ​​Train Works Continues

Karamanda High Speed ​​Train Works Continues: Karaman Mayor Ertugrul Caliskan, high-speed train in Karaman's economic, social and cultural development will be the pioneer, he said.

Karaman Mayor Ertugrul Caliskan, high-speed train in the economic, social and cultural development of the pioneer of Karaman, he said.

Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan, who made examinations in the upper passageway for vehicles due to the high-speed train works in the Sümer District, said, nedeniyle High-speed train works are continuing rapidly. The high-speed train will be the pioneer of Karaman's economic, social and cultural development. In the past, the cities on the silk road have reached very important points in terms of both urbanization and development. In Karaman, the fast train will be in the cultural area, in the economic area, a center of attraction. With its own center, our city will be the center of use of the attraction center, which has a population of around 500 thousand. The high speed train will not only be used for human transportation, but also freight transportation. Konya-Karaman Karaman-Mersin line and perhaps the first example in Turkey to be implemented fast freight to be carried out. This will be an important step for both Konya's and Karaman's industry. In other words, we will be able to reduce the cost of transportation outside of the competition. Therefore, our city will be developed quickly. Bundan


Stating that the tender process of the high-speed train works between Karaman and Konya is 3 years, Çalışkan said, “This period will be completed in a short time with the effort and financial support of our Ministry of Transport. According to my prediction, the first line of the high-speed train will be opened next year this time. With the new sets to be put into use by the Ministry of Transport, it will be possible to go from Karaman to Istanbul in 4.5 hours, ”he said.

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