Karabük Ankara Highway Stops Transportation

Rock Pieces Falling on the Karabük Ankara Highway Stopped Transportation: On the Karabük Ankara Highway, the transportation stopped for 1.5 hours due to the rocks falling off the slope and falling on the road.
In the evening of the road in the Kemaloyman district of Ankara on the slope of the rock fragments crossed the retaining wall. In the meantime, the vehicle from the road to prevent a possible accident prevented. Transportation stopped in the direction of Ankara due to the rocks covering the road. While the traffic teams took precautions, the long vehicle convoy was formed. Some of the drivers crossed the direction to the direction of Karabük from the junction and proceeded to the Ankara road again at the next roundabout. The traffic teams who noticed this did not allow the vehicles to cross the lane against the intersection. In the meantime, stone pieces from the slope continued to be thrown into the road. Large vehicles were allowed to pass through the slope. Then the Highways crews cleared the rocks on the road. Approximately after the 1.5 hour road was opened to the road.

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