Gendarmerie rushed the village children to the train station | Railway Week

📩 30/11/2018 18:03

Gendarmerie village children took the train station: Ranking staff and soldiers working in Gaziantep Provincial Gendarmerie Command toured the train station to Yağdöver Primary School students in Şahinbey district.

The soldiers of the provincial gendarmerie commanders took the village children to the train station because of the Railway Week and carried the wagons. The gendarmes went to the students' school and gave them various information and then took them to the Gaziantep Garage Office in the city center. Students who received information about the tools and equipment found in the facility, ride the carriage ride. The students did not forget to take a souvenir photo with the staff and the gendarmes at the station. Fatdöver Elementary School Teacher Fatih Güneş, who expressed his satisfaction for the trip, said, ver Thanks to the gendarmerie we have performed a very nice event. For the first time in our lives, our students had a memorable day by taking the train car. We would like to thank the Gaziantep Railway Directorate and the Provincial Gendarmerie Commandership for this beautiful event, which is very meaningful for our students. Öğ

Gaziantep TCDD Train Station Manager Meçhan Yıldırım said, “We are very pleased to host our rural children in our own center due to the Railway Week. It made us even happier to get them to meet the train for the first time. In addition to this event, which was organized by the gendarmerie, all think that should be an example to Turkey and we congratulate them. " he spoke.

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