Izmit's traffic and transportation problem solves tramways rather than tramways

Izmit traffic and transportation problem is not the tram: the AKP, 30 March local elections in our city, both losers and uneasily entered.

They loser; because they had been unable to fulfill their promises since the 2004.

They were anxious, because a candidate such as Sefa Sirmen appeared in İzmit. Although the metropolitan and other districts seemed comfortable, they had seen the risks of losing their election against Sefa Sirmen in Izmit. If they lost Izmit, even winning the Metropolitan would have no meaning.

30 In all the researches conducted before the March elections, it was revealed that the people of Izmit complained about the problem of transportation and traffic. While searching for a ına project ”to be placed in front of the public in a panic, the cak Tram ın came to their minds.

Ready There were new and empty tram cabins in Bursa.

They have taken a TIR, Izmit, they put the square in the Memorial Park. . We will install this tram in the city. Izmit traffic problem, transportation problem will be finished, trafik they said.

They even conducted surveys. Izmit, let's see the tram in the Anıtpark, then the city in which color cabins to go around, what the name of this tram to vote on the internet offered to be used. Every bureaucrat passing from Anıtpark, every bureaucrat got into the cabin, waved a hand and waved a photo like, Atatürk going on the train Y.

However, for the solution of the traffic and transportation problems of Izmit, the tram would be the last consideration. There is no transportation problem in east-west or west-east direction in Izmit. There are no problems between the Central Bank and the Bus Terminal. If you put a tram on this line.

The problem is access to North-South or South-North. City center, Umuttepe, Turgut, Cedit-Erenler-Topçular, Tüysüzler, Gündoğdu-Tepeköy lines have problems.

The tram, or any rail system cannot be raised. In order to solve the transportation problem in Izmit, it is not a tram that goes on a straight line, but a ropeway to lift people up to the hills on wires. Moreover, I'm sure when the correct calculation is made, it is much more practical and cheaper to install a ropeway system than to install a tram system.

How wrong to solve the transportation problem of Izmit by tram, this tram system across the Walkway to install, was a much more common wrong.

When he tried to build the metropolitan tram line from the Central Bank in front of End.Meslek High School, he would face a huge cost. There's a rainwater collector under the walkway. Sedaş has underground transformers on its sides. They were all going to move. Worse still, the 10-15 had the risk of drying out all the plane trees by the Walkway during the year.

I believe I know very well the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu. Mayor Karaosmanoğlu may not be able to make a series of decisions on some issues. Missing, there may be errors. But Karaosmanoğlu does not betray this city according to the eye, even if it will bring harm to him politically. He does not insist on the idea of ​​siyaset I suffer politically ”for something that doesn't exactly lie to his mind. I wrote this column after a meeting with Mr President a few months ago. I said I felt the President was ready to give up the tram business. I told you I believe you're gonna find the truth.

As a matter of fact, the President made it clear at the parliament meeting last Thursday: açık The tram will not pass through the walkway Nit.

I think Karaosmanoglu is ready to give up the tram project altogether. But I know that many bureaucrats around him insist on the mind-maker's ur Tram dön business, den If we return from this promise, the opposition will strike us from the ground “. Nevzat Doğan, whom I see as one of the most sane men for this city, argues that the Walkway should be divided into trams.

Karaosmanoglu announced a new route. The tramway arriving from the bus station, Leyla Atakan Caddesi in front of the High School, and from here to enter the Ankara Street (Sahabettin Bilgisu Street) announced that you can use.

This route also makes sense. Well, soon the governor's office is going to be demolished. If the tram is going to be done, it will come down from Leyla Atakan. He enters Ankara Street and goes all the way from the Old Garages to the Central Bank. This route is more logical than at least ending the entire Walkway. The President has made the right decision.

But better yet, this tram should be completely abandoned. The local opposition should support Karaosmanoğlu.

For Izmit, the ropeway should be raised. A time can be discussed and the racked monorail can be considered. Moreover, as the President has always emphasized, he could start digging for Metro from a corner of the city.

If the tram passes all the way through the walkway - which seems to be impossible because of the resulting cost - Izmit will lose its last feature and beauty in the hands.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:03

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