Izmit Bay Bridge shifted out

The exit of the İzmit Bay Bridge was shifted: The first exit of the suspension bridge that will provide the passage of the İzmit Gulf on the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway was shifted from the Kılıç village to the village of Semetler due to the ground shift.

Turkey's largest highway built as a project-Orhangazi Gebze-Izmir motorway junction will be replaced in Yalova. There are geological barriers (ground shift) in the area where the intersection is planned for the crossing bridge of Yalova. Therefore, it was decided that the intersection should be shifted. An alternative route was considered. In this context, the first bridge of the suspension bridge to the Gulf of İzmit between Dilovası and Hersek Cape was shifted from the village of Kılıç to the village of Semetler. The first exit after the bridge was considered suitable for the location of the village.
LAND PRICE 4 FLOOR increases

400 acres land in the village, the land prices 10 pounds 40 pounded. The expropriation square meter of the land to be used for road construction is projected as 70 lira. The new junction is very close to Iznik, as it will contribute to the development of the touristic. The bridge will be connected to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge built at the Bosphorus. The starting point of the project is Gebze, and the highway to be constructed will cross the Izmit Bay between the Dilovası and Hersek Cape to the 3 kilometer suspension bridge and the viaducts on both sides and continue to the vicinity of Orhangazi and Gemlik and connect with the Ovaakça Junction and Bursa Ring Road.

The new highway will start from the Bursa - Karacabey distinction after the current Bursa ring road and start Balıkesir from the north of Susurluk. From the west of Balıkesir to the south of the highway Savaştepe, Soma, Kırkağaç districts near the west of Turgutlu, near the Izmir-Uşak state road will proceed parallel to the Anatolian High School Interchange on the Izmir ring road.

The project, which will shorten the 140 between Istanbul and Izmir, will be a total of 384 kilometers, including 49 kilometers and 433 kilometers. The project will include 31 viaduct, 2 tunnel, 199 bridge, 21 box office area, 8 maintenance business center, 7 service area, 7 parking area. When the project is over, the traffic load between Gebze and Izmit will decrease by 30. 3 3 return and 1 pedestrian, including 7 pedestrian crossing the bridge will be the 35 dollar will be the toll.

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