About mass transportation in Izmir

Regarding public transportation in İzmir: From time to time, I convey my observations regarding public transportation in İzmir. It is time again to transfer the notes I have accumulated to the relevant institutions. First of all, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made bus reinforcements even though it did not take a step back from the transfer system, which it passed untimely. However, more buses are required, especially to regions with educational institutions such as universities and high schools. Students have demands in this direction. ESHOT should take these expectations into account and meet them. Another issue is that the ferry option cannot be fully implemented in the connecting system. For some reason, the sea transportation to İzmir has not been liked very much, traveling by ferry seems to be for nostalgia or pleasure rather than necessity and necessity. If an Istanbulite's view of the sea could be infused with Izmir, if the ferries were full and BayraklıIf the piers of Göztepe and Üçkuyular can be used actively, significant relief is provided in urban transportation. It is time to work harder on this subject and to make peace with the sea in the sea city of Izmir. After the reduction of bus services and the removal of some lines, the density shifted to the metro and İZBAN. The metro wagons turned into metrobuses in Istanbul in the morning and evening, if you can ride a thousand! Increasing the strings to 200 sets of 3 meters in İZBAN provided relative relief. However, due to freight and intercity passenger trains, the frequency of flights is still below what it should be. For some reason, these trains keep the line busy on the commute or return from work, and the voyage interval can sometimes take 20 minutes. TCDD must find a solution to this. I have written before, at least freight trains can be taken at night.

Another issue regarding İZBAN is the insufficiency of some stations. The most striking example of this is Ulukent Station. On the platform, which is only 2-3 meters wide, it is almost acrobatic in order to proceed without falling on the rails. Danger lurks, especially in the morning. Take precautions before someone gets a job at Ulukent Station, where passenger traffic is heavy due to the educational institutions around it. Another problem is that the entrance and exit is provided from one side. It is imperative that both the platform be widened and the entrance and exit be made 2-way. That's all for now. I hope it will be followed up by the relevant institutions and resolved, and the happy will be from Izmir. Everything is for our Izmir ...

Source: Özgür KAYNAR

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:02

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