Izmir Metro 2019 will be 240 in March

Izmir metro in March 2019 will be 240 km: Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, said the investment made and will take place within 5 years of Izmir, Turkey will be the locomotive of the city. Kocaoğlu pointed out that the office of the Metropolitan Municipality is impregnable for political opponents while it is in his presence, and for those within the party, "We do not have seats when there is this," Kocaoğlu said in the press that the attacks made with gossip and whispers were not related to himself but because of the office.

The demolition of the old Brigade wall at 700 meters and the expropriated buildings in the region where Bornova Artillery Brigade is located, which will connect the Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, one of the main arteries opened by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to relieve the city traffic, from Bornova to Manisa Road. After the expropriation in the remaining 400 meters section is completed, the road will be connected to Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street and Adnan Kahveci Junction-Altınyol will unite with Manisa road.

Kocaoğlu gave striking messages both to his political rivals and to the CHP during his speech at the ceremony. Expressing that the era is not just a service, but a time of protection and ownership, Kocaoğlu said, “The era is now the era of protecting traditions, customs, beliefs, truths, dignity and dignity. We, along with the mayors, continue our right, fair, Izmir and our country walk without winking. At the beginning of this march, there is also the Special Provincial Administration goods, the construction of the garbage disposal facility, the prolongation and waiting of our tenders. ”

Mayor Kocaoglu, within the boundaries of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 11 kilometer delivery rail system 2019 will be delivered in March as 240 km, he said. also KarşıyakaStating that they will build an opera house, Kocaoğluö will work with a modern 15-passenger and 3-car ferry. The new fairground and the congress hall will be finished, the number one city in Turkey's Izmir will be fair and kongrecilik. Work continues in the skyscrapers area. Izmir on Turkey's growth is growing 2,5 times. 4 percent growth in Turkey, which is 10-11 percent in Izmir. It is possible to increase this to 15 percent with İnciraltı planning. İzmir can only maintain its stagnation in the past by growing over 10 percent for 10 years. It may return to its old history stance. There are works for restoration of all registered buildings, arrangement of facades from Konak to Kadifekale. Agora appeared, ancient theater expropriation is over, excavations continue. Restoration of Kadifekale city walls ends. İzmir has become one of the most important 5-10 cities in the world with its swimable bay. The realization of investment, industry, agriculture, tourism, culture and art of the foot stand with the indispensable Izmir Turkey is a candidate to be the leading city within 5 years, "he said.

Kocaoğlu, who gives strong messages to the political rival parties as well as the CHP, said: “In politics, our rivals can always be those who want to withdraw from our troops within the political party. They can always try to wear us down in newspapers, in the press, with whisper and gossip. Our attrition does not come from Aziz Kocaoğlu's personality and his size. As you all know, I am a friend who works as a refrigerator maker at Mustafa Kemal Caddesi 18 / B. I am still the same saint. As a political party for some of the authorities, it seems to be impregnable as long as we are. The authority is seen by some people as "here, we will not have a seat." The attacks that gathered all their supporters in Izmir were caused by these two points. So from the opponent and from the inside. Since we are taking a walk. Since we are walking to the right, to the beautiful, to the light. Since we are walking to take this city forward, the people of Izmir and the Bornova should protect us. You already know which gossip won't stick to us. ”

Mayor Kocaoğlu also thanked the former mayors who contributed to the implementation of the project, which will connect the road to Manisa to Altınyol with the captain İbrahim Hakkı Caddesi passing through Bornova. Kocaoğlu said, “This road was the dream of all of us. A solution to the road problem had to be found. This was the ideal solution to ease the traffic of İzmir. This path is an important artery. I thank the mayors who contributed. With the opening of the road, Mustafa Kemal Street passing through Bornova Center will relax the traffic. He will also have a positive impact on Ankara Street. ”

Bornova Mayor Olgun Atilla said, “Today is a very important day for Bornova and Izmir. I am happy to be together. I fill the sixth month under the mayor of which we set out by saying 'Our Home is Bornova'. I am now raising my children where I was born and raised. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made important investments in Bornova. While roads were being built in our district, the metro came. We expect the metro to arrive at the Bornova Center. Alsancak's Kordon, Güzelyalı is for those who live there Aşık Veysel Recreation Area is for us. Sports investments are also made in our district. As Bornova Municipality, we will work separately. Especially with the demolition of the wall and the opening of the road, not only Bornova but also the traffic of İzmir will relax. In Bornova, Ankara Caddesi, Küçük Park and its surroundings will have a positive effect on the traffic of Mustafa Kemal Caddesi. ” After the speeches, the demolition of the old walls of Bornova 57th Artillery Brigade began. A total of 700 meters of road will be completed by March. Manisa and Altınyol will unite when the expropriations that continue in the 400-meter section, which is prevented from merging with Captain İbharim Hakkı Caddesi, are completed.

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