Metro and ferry overtake in Istanbul

subway and ferry overtake the plane in Istanbul: an increase in subway and ferry fares between 2009-2014 in Turkey reached 37 percent, had 35 per cent increase in airfare.

During the period in question, the lowest increase was observed in intercity train tickets with 17, while 23 increased 29 in services, 30 in shuttles and XNUMX in taxis.

In Turkey, between 2009-2014, reaching 37 percent increase in subway and ferry fares, we had 35 per cent increase in airfare.

According to the Turkey Statistical Institute data showed last at least 5 years 17 percent increase in long-distance train tickets by type in transportation costs.

Wages increased by 23, 29 and 30, respectively.

2009 and 2014-30 32 increased the rate of increase in the fare, while the number of municipal bus fees increased XNUMX.

In the same period, there was an increase in the number of 34 buses during the same period.

Metro and ferry ticket prices increased by 5 37 35 per annum, while XNUMX airplane ticket was realized as a percentage.

Turkey in September 2009-September 2014 between the rates of increase in transport fares according to type as follows:

Suburban train 23

Intercity train 17

City Bus 32

Metro 37

Filled 30

Service 29

Taxi 30

Intercity bus 34

Aircraft 35

Steamboat 37

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