Feast traffic in Istanbul also takes place at night

Holiday traffic in Istanbul continues at night: holidaymakers who set off on Thursday evening due to the Eid al-Adha holiday caused a heavy traffic in Istanbul. Istanbul traffic was locked, especially on the Bosphorus bridges, due to those who went to the holiday and evaluated the last working day.
While the density continues on both bridges in the Anatolian-European direction until midnight, there is heavy traffic on the European side from Mahmutbey to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. The traffic starting from the Golden Horn Bridge in the direction of the Bosphorus Bridge continues intensely until the bridge.
Due to the Feast of Sacrifice, there is heavy traffic in Istanbul. Due to the last working day before the Feast of Sacrifice and early holiday holidays, there are many points at the Boğaiçi Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. The bridges have miles of vehicles in both directions.
In the evening, after work, traffic came to a halt. It is stated that the road of approximately 30 kilometers from Mahmutbey to Ataşehir will take approximately 6 hours.
Traffic expert Murat KazanAzmaz, in his message shared on his twitter account, said, “More vehicles have hit the road than you can imagine. Most of them are vehicles passing through Istanbul, not in Istanbul. Mahmutbey>Ataşehir 359 Minutes.” Wrote.
The holiday intensity of holiday holiday, which will spend the holidays of Kurban holiday outside of Istanbul, started at noon today and the evening increased. İDO's Eskihisar Ferry Port was extended to Gebze, while those not waiting in line flocked from TEM and D-100 to Izmit. The city buses in the city of D-100 to Yalova on the way to the city of Izmit traffic intercepted in place. This density is expected to continue tomorrow, said.

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