Asphalt Study in İlkadım

Asphalt Work in İlkadım: The teams affiliated to İlkadım Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continue their asphalt works that they started in the region in Cedit District.
The teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs poured 415 tons of hot asphalt in the asphalt work started in the 600-meter-long Cedit District Uygur Türkleri Sokak. Rıza Altaş, the head of Cedit Neighborhood, stated that the locals were very pleased with the asphalt work carried out and thanked everyone who contributed, including İlkadım Mayor Erdoğan Tok.
Stating that the road construction works initiated will not be limited to Cedit District, İlkadım Municipality Director of Science Affairs Mustafa Karaduman said, “The road construction works we started in our region continue without slowing down in Uygur Türkleri Street in Cedit District. We poured 415 tons of hot asphalt on our street, which is 6 meters long and 600 meters wide. Our initiated works will not only be limited to Cedit District, but will continue in our entire region in a planned manner if the weather conditions are suitable, in the request and direction of our citizens ”.

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