300 meters from the light in Konak Tunnels

Mansion Tunnels' in the light stayed 300 meters: Turkey Nearing the end of the tunnel project is one of the largest urban mansion Tunnel. The last 300 meters have been reached during the excavations continuing in the Yeşildere and Konak directions. Traffic will start to flow in May in the tunnel, whose two ends will meet at the beginning of the year.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), the project manager of the contractor firm, İsmet Durnabaş, said that excavations were under way about 100 meters below the ground, and that 2012 personnel worked 300 hours in three shifts in the project, which started in September 24, and that excavations were completed at 670 meters of the 300 meters tunnel.
Stating that they have finished 80 percent of the tunnel and are 50 percent in concreting, Durnabaş noted that the 80 construction equipment used in the works carried the excavation equivalent of 30 thousand trucks to the warehouses.
Durnabaş stated that the project is progressing under the neighborhoods where the life in the city continues to be active, and that they have to behave sensitively.
Durnabaş said:
“Tunnel works are progressing smoothly. If we go at this pace, we plan to join the two ends of the tunnel in January, that is, at the beginning of the year. If nothing goes wrong, we will have passed the sea air to Yeşildere in the new year. Following the completion of the tunnel boring work, the concreting work will be completed in 2 months. With the completion of the superstructure, electrical and electromechanical works, we plan to open it to traffic in mid-May, if nothing goes wrong.
Explaining that the expropriation problems at the Konak Tunnel exit of the project were solved, and the tunnel progressed to the 200 meter, Durnabaş pointed out that the excavations carried out under the supervision of İzmir Archeology Museum will fill two years in March.
Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Regional Director of Highways, stated that their program is to open the road to traffic in May and said, "We do not think that the archaeological excavations will affect this goal negatively for the time being."
- It will reduce the passage of the city to 2 minutes
The project, which aims to transfer the traffic in Konak and coastal areas in Izmir to Yeşildere Street with tunnels and bridge intersections, and from here to Ankara and Istanbul, started in 2011, and the tunneling works on the Konak side had stopped for a while due to archaeological findings. During the salvage excavations, an 18th century Jewish Cemetery and a mosaic from the Roman period were found.
When completed, the connection road, which will serve with 674-lane 2 tunnels with a length of 2 meters, will start with an 8-arm bridge crossroad in Yeşildere and will end with the exit from Bahribaba Park located in front of the Archeology Museum in Konak. Thanks to the tunnels, the north and south sides of the city will be connected to each other without entering the city traffic, and the journey will be reduced to 2 minutes as an alternative to the high traffic roads.

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