Great disrespect for the historic Horozköy train station (Video)

A great disrespect for the historical Horozköy train station: Horozköy Station, which has a history of about 150 years in Manisa, could not escape from being the place of thinners, despite many restorations.

The last 10 once restored the 4 once in a year.

Manisa Yunusemre serving many years in the district, but in 2002 Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Manisa historical station was abandoned to its fate on the building to evacuate the Station Headquarters, an unidentified person or persons were destroyed. According to information from the authorities, the last 10 has been restored in the 3 times, including the 4 on a small scale. Following the restoration work carried out by French architecture, the ruins of the ruins, which were left unattended at the same time, drew the reaction of those who saw the situation. Unidentified people broke their windows, the door was left unattended, the TCDD does not claim to have historical gara residents of the neighborhood Mevlut Gulec, 20 years living in the neighborhood, he said. Güleç pointed out that by raising his voice to the TCDD, the need to have a historical gara should be addressed, he said: g I find it very brutal as a citizen. In other words, the state's property to do, to break. This place has just been done. I don't know, but I'm a shame. Here are all the tinerciler, drinker, weeders. Recently there was an officer from the state railways. 'Why didn't you sit here?' Said. Officer, 'I told you. Nobody took me to the floor. They've made this' he said. There is no camera here. No security. If they put cameras or security in here, they would have been prevented. But they didn't. So I call the General Directorate of State Railways. Let them rent this place. Or you sit down. It was a pity that they spent a lot of money there. Yaz

On the other hand, TCDD Manisa Station Directorate did not give any information about the issue.



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