Not with Haydarpaşa

Haydarpaşa not the owner of the property: Finance Minister, Haydarpasa garage is in the privatization program repeated. Privatization revenues reached $ 70 billion dollars. The information published by the Privatization Administration (PA) is different. Privatization revenues up to the first half of 2014 are $ 1 billion.
If the Prime Minister and the ministers have explained the reasons for the ”insistence bakan in the privatization of the sek Haydarpaşa station“, we also feel comfortable. The government should not merely convert all publicly tradable public assets into, privatization, by looking at the revenue window. The privatization of public enterprises with the sale of assets is different. The sale of public assets means the conversion of public property into the building of the property.
Haydarpasa gar building is the property of the public. When the property is converted to Haydarpaşa Kul for the sake of three cents (or several million dollars), only the owner of the property will benefit.

Is it worth the money for three?
Istanbul is our biggest city. Haydarpasa is the most magnificent building of this big city. Those who have come to Istanbul from this building for years, who take the train from Istanbul. Every major city, however, boasts of the glory of the train station, and we enjoy the glory of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci gar buildings.
To sell Haydarpaşa for three currencies (or for reasons we do not know), to transfer the arrival and departure station of the trains to Pendık, Söğütlüçeşme em is worth ((!)
Can not find a hotel, a shopping center or a building that wants to make a residence in Istanbul? There are thousands of buildings that can be bought in Istanbul. But Haydarpaşa, Sirkeci station is similar. Let them be a gar. With their sale, the state will not be ”abat Bunlar. Their income does not even cover the 1 annual car rental price of Ankara bureaucrats. And that's missing.

The çık gık “of our people does not appear
Privatization has turned into a sale of assets that only provides revenue to the budget. No countermeasures. The practice is being debated. The objective of dır privatization öre is to ensure the efficient operation of public enterprises, which cannot be operated efficiently, by transferring them to the private sector. The customization of us has turned into a sale of assets. Businesses were purchased for land, buildings, not for operation. Only concession companies and monopoly companies continue their activities.
Let's look for two questions:
(1) Has the strength of the Turkish economy increased through privatization?
(2) Has the state reduced its debt due to privatization revenues? Did these investments make new investments in production?
The 60 billion dollars of 8 into the state's coffers is the revenue of the privatizations up to 2003. 10 billion dollars in the 52 year. 10 billion dollar part was made through public offering. The rest block sales are direct sales revenue.
Haydarpaşa m for now “public property. the common property of everyone in Turkey. Isn't it necessary to obtain the consent of the present owners when selling this property? Do you have to ask, mi Sell it or not? Sat (You will say that since there is no hiç gossip m, the owners of Haydarpaşa are not interested in the fact that they are not sold.)

Customization between 1984-2014
- 21.750 shares of companies in the privatization program
- To organizations in the privatization program
Subsidiaries, affiliates, properties and assets sales 26.469
- Public offering of institutions in the privatization program 9.572
- Sales of companies in the privatization program on BIST 1.261
- Unfinished facility sales 4.368
- Paid transfer of subsidiaries, affiliates, facilities and assets belonging to institutions or organizations in the privatization program 1.186
TOTAL 60.245
Source: Privatization Administration



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