Silvanda Paving Stone Flooring Works in Progress

Paving Stone Works in Silvan Continues: The works for paving the city crossing of the Diyarbakır-Silvan highway, which was tendered by the highways in the Silvan district of Diyarbakır, started.
Works were initiated by the contractor firm for the 9-kilometer city crossing interlocking cobblestone pavement of the Silvan district Diyarbakır-Bitlis highway, which was tendered by the 3,5th Regional Directorate of Highways, road construction works, rain water trap lines. Contractor firm Nedsen Insaat officials said, “The pavement work has started in the 3,5 km part of our Silvan district, which is the city pass. Within the scope of these works, we aim to complete the 24-meter-wide city crossing works in 3,5 months within the scope of laying locked cobblestone, median, right-left sidewalk works, rainwater trap lines and road art construction works. As a result of a good work in the town of Silvan, we have started our work by working in the historical district. We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience to the environment and our citizens during this work. We hope that our citizens will support us during the works ”.
Completion of the work of the city of Silvan more comfortable and will be more convenient to express the date of the contractor of the contractor company, the 3,5 kilometer of the road section of the part of the citizens wanted to be sensitive to this issue.



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