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Gebzelilerin Rapid Train Release: There is a nursery rhyme What do you like in Ankara? when you ask is called return to Istanbul. In fact, Ankara has very nice places. Ankara should not be neglected. Ankara located at the heart of politics and political lobbying power of Turkey summarized as the administrative center of the capital of Turkey.

Last week I was in Ankara to participate in the cultural event organized by Giresun promotion days and live broadcast program of Mavi Karadeniz TV. By performing Devr-i Alam on the day of 2, we realized many activities, especially in Giresun promotion days.


For the first time I decided to go to Ankara by High Speed ​​Train. I researched if we could ride from Gebze. What is possible at the time of the night 05.00'dan up the road to Pendik, we took the train quickly from Pendik. Since the beginning of the project, the high speed train would stop in Gebze. What happened at the last moment, the high speed train to Pendik. Some of the politicians in Gebze that we raised the topic of oiling and stealing to criticize us, you're doing is said to be engaged. He said he'd stop by his train in Gebze. Today we are right. Only one of the 6 expeditions stands in the room. The 11 train is not good for anyone. I call upon our politicians here. Use your power. Stop this fast train at Gebze in the morning, if not at all.

We went to Ankara by high speed train. With Yıldırım Uçar, one of the former district governors of Gebze, sohbet we did. We had an interview with the former Governor of Ardahan, one of the head of the Ministry of Interior's inspection board, on history. He conducted research on Çubuk war between Yıldırım Beyazıt and Timur in Ankara Çubuk plain, and then Mayor of Çubuk Dr. We had an interview with Tuncay Acehan. In summary, we did a complete Revolution in Ankara. I share some of the news about Devri Alem, which we did in Ankara.


Devi-i Alem Program Producer Ismail heroes and cameraman Yahya Kahraman made a high speed train journey to Ankara. A good choice for those who want to travel safely, comfortably and fast to Ankara, the Devr-i Alem team, which considers the High Speed ​​Train to stand only once in Gebze as a major shortcoming, said that the Fast Train should stop in the morning, evening and lunch times.

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