FIATA World Congress 2014 Held in Istanbul

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FIATA World Congress 2014 Held in Istanbul: The FIATA World Congress 2014 is held in Istanbul, hosted by the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTIKAD). The official opening of the 2014 World Congress of the Federation of International Transport Organizers Associations (FIATA) was held at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center.

At the opening ceremony of the FIATA World Congress with the theme “Sustainable Growth in Logistics”, Adnan Yıldırım, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Talat Aydın, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) President İbrahim Çağlar and local and foreign many guests attended. Speakers of the congress included Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, Yonov Frederick Agah, Deputy General Manager of the World Trade Organization.

HNUMX 100 hundreds of senior executives from the logistics giants of the country are participating in the congress. The Congress hosts more than a thousand participants, 20 separate sessions, 30 guest speakers and logistics fair.

Speaking at the opening of the XATX World Congress 2014 Istanbul, Deputy Minister of Economy Adnan Yıldırım stated that globalization is based on logistics, Ad The spirit of globalization is to produce, to open up to the world markets and to be competitive. It is one of the most important links of this chain in logistics Lojistik. In the 2013 385 million tons of the product is passed through the ports of Turkey and 277 million tons of transferring the information that went to foreign trade Yildirim, Turkey's recent 10 years, said he also achieved significant success in the logistics sector as well as in other areas. Countries and companies, which records will be successful in the increasingly fierce competition superior to its competitors Yildirim, said: "Turkey has used the geostrategic weight of air transport and has become a base in their region. 10 is expected to increase our foreign trade volume in the next 3 year. Over the past 10 year, our foreign trade transportation grew by 85. According to our forecasts, the total transportation from our ports as of 2023 will reach 850 million tons göre.

"Turkey; Air, Sea, Land and Railways will be the Base of Transportation in Your Area,

Adnan Yildirim said that Turkey begin the necessary infrastructure investments to achieve the trade target in 2023, "Turkey, air, sea, land and railway transport will be their base in the region," he said. Yildirim, drawing attention to the importance of the congress in this context, said that the congress will be an important experience. Underlining that logistics is one of the important factors of sustainable development and growth, Yıldırım said that it is very appropriate to determine the theme of the congress as sustainable growth in logistics.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Deputy Attorney Talat Aydin said that the last 10 years in the field of transport is very important projects realized, Turkey's said that these projects serve the goal of becoming a logistics center. Talat Aydin, said transport ministry and as they had done all the work for the development of the logistics industry, Turkey's land, air and railway projects to improve implementation, he said.

"Between Turkey 3 Continental Logistics Centers To Be An Important Arzu"

Turkey, an important transport between three continents and expressing the desire to become logistics centers that Aydin, said that our country made the work will make the heart of the Silk Road. In this context, the congress motto stated that important decisions will emerge within the scope of “Sustainable Growth in Logistics”.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) President İbrahim Çağlar said to the participants that they are the only city in the world that has an 8-year history and passes through the middle of the world. I hereby would like to thank those who contributed to the realization of this congress. İbrahim Çağlar, stated that Turkey in many countries in the mutual encouragement and protection of investments agreement signed, transportation and $ 500 billion export logistics industry, that $ 3,3 billion in imports and stressed that every day is a growing sector.

"Istanbul and Turkey, in terms of logistics Investment Potential Great embodies"

Turkey until the year 2023 500 billion dollar export target underlines the Ages, said: "Our logistics achieving this goal comes one of the most important sectors. In this context, important investments are made. We connected Asia with Europe under the sea with Marmaray. Now Bridge 3 is about to complete. Istanbul and Turkey, holds great potential in terms of logistics investments. As Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, we are ready to support you in order to evaluate these potentials. ”

”We Have Been Started for FIATA Academy“

FIATA President Francesco Parisi said that important congress negotiations took place at the congress, where a record number of attendance took place. Stating that transportation and logistics are the cornerstones of sustainable growth and one of the most important pillars of FIATA, Parisi said, “FIATA's policy options and position have chosen the way of making transportation with more advanced logistics connections and less harm to the environment. One goal of FIATA is to improve employment to improve the industry. Vocational education is one of our most proud works. The FIATA diploma is the only certificate valid worldwide. Now we have started working for FIATA Academy. ”

“Logistics Sector is an Important Part of Total Growth”

The UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin said they heard the honor to host such a conference as UTIKAD, the sector is an important part of the overall growth and fairly, he said it was important the logistics sector growth in Turkey's economy. Emphasizing the importance of sustainability especially in economic and social welfare, Erkeskin stated that as UTİKAD, they are constantly working towards the sustainable development of the logistics industry. Lastly, Erkeskin stated that they are the pioneers of the “Sustainable Logistics” certification study and emphasized that they attach great importance to standards and training studies. Erkeskin, Ekol Logistics Main Sponsor, Arkas Logistics Platinum Sponsor, King Abdullah Economic City Platinum Sponsor again from Saudi Arabia, the world's largest independent network organization WCA – World Cargo Alliance Silver Sponsor and Turkish Cargo's Bronze Sponsor, Istanbul He thanked the Chamber of Commerce and the support of Habertürk Newspaper and TV as the main media sponsor.

Following the speeches, FIATA President Parisi and UTİKAD President Erkeskin presented a ceramic plate to Deputy Undersecretary Talat Aydın and İTO President Çağlar, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

At the opening ceremony, the winner of the "International Young Forwarder Competition" organized by FIATA and TT Club, which is considered among the most prestigious awards of the international forwarding sector, was also announced. Andrew Kemp, Regional Director of TT Club, said the competition was held in order to increase the quality of the sector and provide training opportunities for young talents. South African participant Fortunate Mboweni received the first prize.

Following the inauguration ceremony where the regional dance performances were held, the main session was held on the theme of Dünya Sustainable Growth in Logistics Sür, which included World Customs Organization Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya, Deputy General Manager of World Trade Organization Yonov Frederick Agah.

Speaking at the main session, Ekol Logistics Forwarding General Manager Mehmet Özal stated that the world's resources are not limited and said, dünya The theme of the congress is Forward Sustainable Growth in Logistics da. Nowadays, growth and profitability are not the sole purpose of companies. Recent research shows that 31 of companies says sustainability is very important. Son Özal stated that as Ekol Logistics, they have developed new methods for sustainable growth in logistics and have made significant investments especially in the intermodal field.

Arkas Holding Vice Chairman Diane Arcas Aktas said that the issue of de sustainability gerekti should be considered in the long term. Aktaş said that Arkas Holding has been carrying out projects that will consume less fuel and save carbon emissions.

World Customs Organization Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya and World Trade Organization Deputy General Director Yonov Frederick Agah gave information about the developments of the logistics sector in the world.

At the end of the session, Ekol Logistics was presented to Ekol Logistics, the first company that was entitled to receive the “Sustainable Logistics” certificate developed in cooperation with UTİKAD and Bureau Veritas.

FIATA World Congress 2014 Istanbul, 18 will end in October.

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